Probably only psychopathic lizardbrains visit this site, whether they want to admit it or not, and I feel I have a duty to them to keep them updated about certain things I find. So I quoted the only systematic, “cynical” book on Kabbalah I know of here and they disappeared it from the results so I had to find it somewhere else, and in that process I learned the writer of that book has a few other interesting titles, pertaining to a couple subjects I’ve only touched on briefly and think are probably important to know more about

This is also about their coup of Turkey in general.

He has quite a few on Einstein. This above is one volume of a 3000 page study, and he has others besides that.

If he’s as erudite about physics as he is mysticism this isn’t your average writer, because his Kabbalah book is really dense.

Casual google of him and lots of polemical reviews- that can only be a good sign.

Has another recent book on how Putin is a Zionist puppet. Plausible. Do I even have readers who wouldn’t fit that same description? It’s too sad to think about.

From his personal site- I second this motion

Nothing suspicious to see here

REKT! You “really gotta hand it to em”.

Can’t we just live in a world without Jewish or Chinese people, is that so much to ask? What, you’ve had the thought before, I know you have. I feel alone in this evil world.

Finally, someone speaking my language

They have [slavery] already when you compare the average human to the banking elite. They want more than that. They want a world without Gentiles, so that they can correct the corruption of the Earth that Gentile blood represents.

This is someone that’s actually alive. How did you slip through the cracks?

Why do people hate you for pointing these things out? I don’t understand. Well, unless my orc thesis is correct, in which case it’s 100% understandable. Yup, it’s niggerworld. Enjoy your stay here.

This is a good “joke”

Trump offered to buy Greenland from Denmark and the Danish responded with an offer to buy the United States from Israel.

If you’re content with this reality it’s not a good look. All your fellow gruel-slurpers will try to soothe you that it looks great. No. It’s a pitiful thing to witness.

Some of his speculations seem outlandishly conspiratorial- lots of amusing thoughts though

I wouldn’t put it past you fucking Jews. You have a sense of humor only an anti-semite can appreciate. Esther, is it time for me to pull a Land and admit goyim are truly animals? “Land doesn’t believe such a thing!” Yeah right. sigh, this Bjerknes is a mischling himself it seems. How many make it out of the Plans for the Moshiach alive like him though? The goyim are just so sad, I’m done with them.

Yeah I know, I barely found you after all my looking

the information monopoly has repeatedly censored me

Do you know how effective they are? Goys hate ME more than they hate THEM! You are so owned out of your wits you have no idea. “I’m hatereading your words right now.” Okay, you’re a Jew’s bitch, congratulations, throw a party or something.

Look at this, knocking em down just one after another, and this goes back to 2006

He quotes Mullins in that post. Patrician taste, etc. So much to read from this guy. Thousands of pages on Einstein, wut?

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