This would be an ambitious study for one of their enemies to write

Notoriously scant information on this internet unfortunately.

Kabbalah can be seen as a further refinement of Talmudism. And the secular ones of today are the further refinement of that. So I’m examining their “shells”.

“You think we stopped being formal Kabbalists behind closed doors?” I couldn’t know that.

I still haven’t found a pdf of this, which Shamir winked me toward

And possibly the same for NY and CA lesser-jewry.

Atheistic nihilism for thee, advanced mysticism for me.

Look who’s in the Gaza concentration camp with us, they have parrot beaks

This is the description for a Shamir book.

This is his belief at least

He correctly identified the hidden layer of Judaism with ‘hatred of the goyim’ and of ‘pursuit of absolute power’, but he erred when he blamed its activation on the relatively small religious community.

I just proceed as if the Talmud and Zohar and literature surrounding them are discarded shells to learn from.

Nice description of the egregore

the Church of the Jews, or Yisrael, worships Yisrael, or herself. This narcissistic persona of higher rank, a sort of neurotic superego of the collective personality of Jews, has a will of his own; and his will does not coincide with wills and desires of individual Jews. Yisrael does not care about separate Jews – they are expendable if necessary for his mission.

While the super-capitalists have a will of THEIR own, they’re also beholden to this superego which is not a person. So it’s a question of what shaped this superego and what it was shaped into.

If you read that Bjerknes Kabbalah book you’ll see that the plans of the Kabbalists aren’t something that are to unfold in the future- rather we are already living in the middle of their unfolding. That “rebalancing of courages” I’ve talked about? That’s part of their doctrines. They’re making everyone androgynous because their God is androgynous. If you’re a mealy-mouth that looks at the ground and mumbles it means you’ve already been kabbalized. If you’re a shrew you’ve been kabbalized. Give me someone who isn’t one of those two, please! If Buddhist mysticism led to these conditions I’d have to surmise there was something that failed to make contact with reality in their doctrines and practices. No one wants these kabbalized goyim around, they’re pitiful. “We want each other around!” Oh right I forgot about that detail.

They feel they do not compete as individuals, but as a group, against all the rest. They feel the supreme reality of the ‘superorganism’ (in Bloom’s terms) called Yisrael, as opposed to imaginary reality. And they do not feel God above it.

(This is Howard Bloom.) Most goyim are no different, they’re simply in that group against their own selves. Christ is a “shell” too and the people formed by him remain on earth. They want them all vanquished. And given that most are beholden to the Yisrael superego they already are vanquished.

“We run a suicide-cult, we’re normal, don’t question us.”

This is true

‘a man as a cell of Mammon’ is a projection of Man, devoid of passion for God, Love, and Art.

Shamir is one of the best. He has a Swedish wife I believe, good taste. Anyone want to place bets on whether his kids do an Oedipus?

While they tend to be silent about the following because of the cognitive dissonance involved in being simultaneously “anti-racist” they still hate it in their hearts

Nowadays, Jews have different ideas and belong to different parties and ideologies. But many of them have the same bottom line: presently they attack Islam, for it is a great reservoir of spirit still unbroken.

It still boggles my mind to find an honest Jew like him

The cannibals or the theists, pick a side goyim, I’m going with the theists.

“If you’re an animal how is it cannibalism, silly goy?” You have no Plato, no Kant, and Marx is for the rabble, so try again, you got nothin.

This is some kind of quasi-paranormal faculty that should be studied by neurologists

If only all the smart goyim decided to see each other as a family… The Jews would be done for. Alas, goys tend to not even see their own specific euro-race as a family anymore. That would be a dream… Russian geniuses loyal to British geniuses loyal to Greek geniuses loyal to Levantine geniuses loyal to Irish geniuses. That’s probably what needs to happen. It’s not going to happen, they’re all so atomized. You probably need to be a euro-mulatto to even have this thought. And anyone who talks to them like a “white Talmudist” like I do is reviled. Another role that’s necessary to prevent being engulfed by these Babylonian mystics. And these pitiful goyim will have none of it, and they will get what they deserve, and the Chinese will be the creators of the posthuman.

Who can break the spell of their magic?

Why is it one can say whatever one wants about Serbs, but the very hint of antisemitism freezes ink in fountain pens?

Isn’t it funny to see him say this

the US, which is as Jewish as Italy was Catholic

Keep talking about cosmetic details instead though.

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