Forget esotericism, let’s go over some basic details about the Quran. There are 114 chapters known as Surahs.

Want to hear a crazy thought? When I read Chesterton I am convinced of Christianity. I would like to find a Muslim version of him.

Yeah, the west is corpsed, this isn’t a joke or something. I’m not going down with the ship of fools.

Here is one way to interpret the only real enemy of ZOG in the world known as the Quran

Taking a middle-of-the-road approach for now and looking at Carlyle’s chapter on Muhammad in his book on heroes

He recited the verses of the Quran over a period of 23 years.

Given the geopolitical situation I am receptive to the idea that Muhammad uttered “revelations” and that Jesus was a sophist.

Gotta love Carlyle’s style

To kindle the world; the world’s Maker had ordered it so.

“You’re not going to Islampill me!” I don’t expect to, the spirit of the people of the west is dead.

“Man just read da Bibo.” Look what it led to. You’re a used car salesman, shut up. I’m not buying that piece of junk, Jewish slave.

Ahhhhh Americans need to be followed around by a guide in Iran! Can’t they make some exceptions? The soul of the west has already drowned before the ship has sunk, I need a lifeboat off of this hollow vessel, this ghost ship with its Flying Kikeman at the helm.

Oh how I hate you all.

Carlyle’s is turning out to be a convincing introduction. Being as brainwashed about this as anyone I had skipped this chapter in the past

I believe we mis-estimate Mahomet’s faults even as faults: but the secret of him will never be got by dwelling there. We will leave all this behind us; and assuring ourselves that he did mean some true thing, ask candidly, what it was or might be.

Not seeing women as tending to be people with a teenage temperament, that’s one of the most glaring deceptions the west has on offer. I’ll be saying farewell to that farce in the middle east. And then of course the teen throws a fit when she hears this, as is expected. And how about a people that doesn’t even have a country of their own, is that a form of “teenager” too? I’d have to say so. Not even their high verbal IQ is capable of convincing people this isn’t true so they simply remove people from society for implying it. High verbal IQ means you do not have to resort to censorship so that itself is a myth about them, one of many, many.

Given the “brain drain” the middle east has been suffering over the decades you’d think they’d have some kind of system set up for inviting foreigners. That’s what makes all this so difficult, because our “CIA”etc. would exploit that, and the Muslims know they would.

A westerner over there will probably have philosophic revelations of their own

Mahomet was only fourteen; had no language but his own: much in Syria must have been a strange unintelligible whirlpool to him. But the eyes of the lad were open; glimpses of many things would doubtless be taken in, and lie very enigmatic as yet, which were to ripen in a strange way into views, into beliefs and insights one day. These journeys to Syria were probably the beginning of much to Mahomet.

A few years away from the Lincolnian gas chamber people sounds so therapeutic not to mention. So much evil is released into the world under the emblem of that twin mythos. Savages and merchants are the best people of humanity aren’t they folks. Believing that really does wonders for a nation’s psyche.

The members of the “monkey protection services” here need a protection service themselves and I’m not doing it for them anymore, they’re on their own. You want lobotomy, you’re going to get it. The idea that “you’re not going to make it” is a past-tense sort of thing, because the fact is that you DIDN’T make it. The brain has been sliced, the skull has been stitched up, and you’re there now, with a blank stare. And I need to get away from these voluntary mental cripples. There’s a factory in the clouds that produces kikeniggers and plops them onto the earth and I’m not going to be around them. They talk about the white man’s burden- how about the fellow whites you have to carry as well? I see no obligation to them- dead weight. A spiritual Jew isn’t white anyway. Have to carry around the botched creations of these “master craftsmen”? I don’t think so.

I need to find someone more thoroughgoing than Carlyle though, since he looked upon the Cromwellian and French Revolutions favorably. If only you knew, Thomas. Contemporary people writing in English are far less of a reactionary nature however. And I’m not quite ready to find a pious Muslim’s words on these subjects altogether palatable. I do suggest Carlyle though if you seek to be “primed”. What is this called, self-hacking? A self-hating westerner? Yes, that’s me. The REAL “Esoteric Islam” for us is being able to understand the basics of the Quran. And the rest can only follow once that understanding is established.

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