Watch, this was written by the Mossad

در بسیاری از کشور های دنیا اسلام را با تعصب و نفرت می شناسند. در این مقاله به معرفی چند کتاب اسلامی خارجی از دسته کتاب های انگلیسی در مورد اسلام برای شما معرفی کردیم که بدون تعصب و به صورت واقع بینانه مخاطب  را با دنیای اسلام آشنا می کند.

I’ve seen Karen Armstrong’s book on Muhammad suggested a few times. An epileptic nun, I can vouch for a couple non Islam related books of hers. She’s too mainstream to not be suspect though.

What is this?

the boycott of this issue in Google search results in Western countries

“Only people in the non-west are authoritarians about their internet!!” Sweet summer child. Ahh how I’d love to coordinate with Iranian intel agencies to lure Jack to the middle east so he can rot away in the filthy prison cell he belongs in.

Seeing these three suggested together- how could you not perceive this patch as a jewel in the desert?

You think the Mossad could pull off this handiwork?

It begins by besmirching the academic world, that’s a good sign.

We’re alone in the wilderness with all this. We just so happen to be alone in the wilderness with the internet.

What a symbol it is, like Homer Simpson, Napoleon Dynamite, the ninja turtles named after the artists, that we know of this only through the negro boxer

The only viable threat to ZOG and you think of a negro boxer. No, I don’t think it’s by design, it’s just a convenient, if unintentional, psyop.

You’d be surprised how much “via negationis” I have to partake in to find legitimate writers on these subjects – so much propaganda out there

They say the Iran/Saudi Arabia relation is like a Cold War.

Heh I’m so far “outside” the thought-frequencies of the Weimarians. Even if they read my writings they just continue representing the decadence of their civilization. Maybe I seem crazy to you with all this. To “them” I’m a defector in the heart of the nation which is the center of their power. Oh I will destroy the credibility of you nose-niggers and present your captives with alternatives.

Did you stop noticing that they continue doing this to you, except now symbolically?

I know of lots of total idiots like this

Such a con


So yeah, I’m just learning about an alternative state-religion, one that doesn’t involve me being exploited by people with a malevolent intent. I know, I’m such a “crazy” person to learn about that. All the great books of the western canon did not help us. It’s time to look elsewhere.

How tragic would it be if I somehow made it to Iran and started living a normal life there, and in like 2051 it started to seem like Weimar there too? Eh at least a good 30 years away from these people, right? It’s going to be soul-deadening virtually anywhere in the world, the stars have just aligned and I now see that this is the most neechen option available, where I can freely attack the ones in charge of the leveling process. I can understand why the bioleninists wouldn’t understand any of this- they’ve never had it better here. With a particular time-preference you can see that their world is going to end, and they’re only content in the present, not understanding what’s going to happen.

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