Back to Shamir again because to me he represents an “Ein Sof” perspective and in being that he adds his own sephirah, which is a certain hidden node in the Kabbalistic scheme similar to Da’at. Are you keeping track here? Hodos and Shahak, and Laitman to some extent, also form this hidden node. These are Jews who “play Yahweh” in a certain respect. These ones I mention here are a lot more explicit than Strauss who does the same in a more subtle manner. What I try to show people is that you yourself can see things from Yahweh’s perspective, and even beyond it. Everyone knows Wagner for instance- he obviously didn’t try to play Yahweh, if anything he played Wotan against Yahweh. It’s not a form of patting yourself on the back- if you’ve been reading here for a while then you likely understand better than him. He lived in the 1800s, so is that so difficult? Depending on how much you immerse in the intellectual tradition you can get a more and more sophisticated understanding. Just trust me- Nietzsche is exoteric. It’s worth reading him carefully though because once you see the “unpacked” side of his thought you will pick up on more of the symbolism, in Zarathustra in particular. He had the basics right, particularly regarding rangordnung as the decisive concept to wield as a weapon against the rabble, and you will see a more disturbing side of him if you read him with certain things I’ve said in mind.

Anyway, onto Shamir- this is a secret

the world was created by an ignorant (or outright evil) Demiurge, the Jewish God Yahweh, who was not even aware of Higher spiritual spheres… In brief, the Judaic tendency extols Matter and reduces Spirit to a hardly necessary addition

This idea of “leveling” that I constantly harp on about pertains to the disappearance of Spirit.

Nietzsche was very much a Jewish thinker in his opposition to “otherworldliness”, and this connects up with his doctrine of the will to power. If you’re pure spirit you’re going to lose. Just look at modern-day Greece, they’re in debt to “I wonder whom”.

I think Heidegger’s concept of “thrownness” explains a lot about life. I wonder why I oppose these Jews, and their anti-spirit ethos, and who could explain? This is just how I found myself in the world. I’ve tried to put it into words various times now. I think Shamir from my previous post today captured it well in saying that the Mammonites live in a world without God, Love, or Art. I could never love a mammonite, nor could one ever inspire me to create art, nor do I expect to ever convince one of the truth of God. We’re speaking different languages. Mostly only kabbalized goyim exist today.

The reason you look at the uncontacted Amazonian tribes one way and the Iranians another way is because you can intuit that the latter represent a real, living alternative. Good, I hope someone forces me to pray five times a day. I doubt they do that there because they too are so zogged- still, I expect more worship of spirit rather than matter there. From their internet at least, it’s clear they are like that.

I like to read Shamir because I know how smart Jews are, and it’s difficult for me to respect them for what they use their smarts for, and with him it’s different, he redeems them like Jesus did, and “plays Yahweh” in that way

We live in times of the overwhelming dominance of the Judaic tendency; belief in Matter and dismissal of Spirit.

I always feel like I’m speaking to a Judaism-Crowd. Why don’t you just put yourself out there for once? I’ve never seen that. It’s because you aren’t one of the spirit-people, you live on the animal side of things. Even with the glorious internet revolution people like me still need to be hidden by the animals.

I think I can instill some fear in the heart of my Jewish readers with this statement of the traitor Shamir

Judaism is not a foreign, totally different faith for Christians, like Tibetan Bon, or Sikhism; it is an extreme tendency on the margin of Christianity, like Trotskyism is on the margin of the Communist Church. It is dangerous because it resonates with the fundamental base of Christian society. Resonance is an awful force: a marching platoon was known to cause a bridge to collapse. That is why the Jews do not endanger non-Christian societies: their concepts do not resonate with deep structures over there.

The death of the Christian societies, which they are bringing about, and have mostly succeeded at, will be the death of them too. The Chinese will emerge as the “Chosen People”.

“We already put our boy Marx over there, we have nothing to worry about.” So why aren’t you living in China then? The yellow goyim are going to smother your descendants. This is the fate you led them to.

The ones who created first world civilization despite and not because of you will be turned into monkeys and you will flee to a people without any respect for Abrahamism at all. Hopefully you fare well. “Marx will be the new Hebrew messiah we exploit!”

See, middle easterners don’t have the Ice Age brain to talk about things in this way. We’re talking about a race that was forsaken by God that hops from country to country ruining each one. And people in the US can’t say anything against them either? All they can say is “Let’s turn into savages, and never question Jews!” That’s a sign you’re beyond saving.

On the other hand, I give those with a similar attitude to me a time to repent. ARE you beyond saving? I see myself in you, in your fallen form, and I don’t want to abandon you altogether. Why don’t you just admit you’re a Jewish puppet meant to cause ruin in goyim societies? If you can’t admit that then you’re beyond saving.

I’m an embarrassing romantic, I know- if there are merchants or savages that shape your worldview you’re someone I could never love. Heh and that’s virtually 100% of the west from what I can tell, so it looks like I’m supposed to be an atomized person. You’re part of the kike plan to turn us all into niggers, wow, you really deserve love. You’re an atomized person too probably, who was “thrown” into this without you understanding, so I give you this time to repent, and be a hot nazi girl. It’s not for everyone, I know. The subhuman whites, savages, kikes will all find you more attractive if you are one of their servants instead. That just proves you are a subhuman too.

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