I think of myself as an honest person, and all I want is an honest job and an honest wife, and neither of those things are possible here. There are only people telling you it isn’t a star of david that they wear. It is. You’re a Jew, and you should wear a yarmulke to own it. Especially alt-lite types. You were total niggers for years, it’s time to admit you were essentially a Jewish sect. What a nigger. The true nonhumans can never admit they were Jews. And let’s take a step back for a second- you were bribed to submit to Jewish standards. So what do you think of that? Are you an “angry goy”? I humbly request one woman to be a hot nazi girl, because that’s all I need in life. Where are you. The Jews have made us into niggers because you couldn’t stand against them. Really appreciate the goyim with a star of david on them, and for myself I’d rather no one in the world agree with me than to be that way.

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