You ever think about how messed up this was?

This really explains a lot about the left. You’re not going to hear this adult conversation at one of their Bildersperg meetings.

I think white people are fragile, and fragile in a different way than they try to portray it. I don’t think MJ in particular gave them a mental illness, I just think he’s a telling sign of what did give them a mental illness.

To figure out solutions to problems you need to start with the reality. If you start with a noble lie you don’t know if anything that follows from it will be noble because it isn’t first rooted in the truth. I think examining the case of Michael Jackson you will be able to begin from reality.

Now let’s move on from here

I don’t think one of them on here is even a Jew, I’ll leave that to your discretion. I invite you to google “Jewish actors” and I bet you’ll be amazed which ones have snuck into movies all your life that you didn’t even realize. They tend to put the more attractive ones in the movies. Most of them though, let’s just say “there’s something about them”.

If you want to understand America then you have to understand this fact, and you also have to understand Michael Jackson.

There’s no easy way to say this. “They” want to make whites into their image. They in a certain way identify more with blacks than whites. They’re too arrogant of a people to “bleach themselves” like MJ. So they engineer the opposite.

I know no one will ever admit to reading this, I’m just grateful there might be someone who also laughs about this idea of “the demon” phenotype, debts going back to Atlantis. Hey, I don’t know if that’s true, I would watch a TV series based around that idea though ahahahaha.

Various words might arise in your mind when you behold the different “looks” Jews have, I’ll let you choose which ones seem most accurate to you

You wonder why some things seem “off” about our political order? Just look at their faces and extrapolate from there.

I’m not trying to be mean or something… If you’re someone “wicked” I just want to make it known there’s something wicked about you, that’s all. Especially if you have lots of influence in the country I live in.

There are ways of addressing the Michael Jackson problem. And I don’t think they know what they’re doing. I repeat for the 50th time- I should not have the feeling of sympathy for Latinos who migrate here! It’s questionable whether it will be an improvement. We live in a sick society that’s run by people who seem to match a few of those synonyms above. A few of those phenotypes above.

And you think that I have a suggestion as an alternative? Of course I do. Jews, browns, and blacks should be sensitively bleached. Spiritually so. Jews are so bad-tempered we’d probably need to be even more sensitive with them than we’d be with blacks. And that’s part of their fallen state, their bad temper. And you want someone as touchy and incapable of criticism as that serving as the moral role models of your society?

You know what’s really messed up? All blacks secretly feel like Michael Jackson, and what does the Jew offer them? Being even BLACKER! That’s what our political order is. Latinos are led to be black, and blacks are led to be blacker. When what they really want is to be white. With responsible “overlords” we can help them. Unfortunately we don’t have those, we have spiteful goblins who exemplify being vice-ridden in reckless abandon as much as they exemplify being narcissistic about being such a way. Call it a hunch, you’re not helping blacks by making them blacker. Get back to reality, Michael Jackson is reality. Jews should consider being like Mike. Good luck convincing them of that when we’re living in a Kike Reich.

You wanted to know what an ideal Bilderberg meeting would be talking about? There ya go.

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