Some of the fringier types want to learn about this guy

I speculated about this the other day. He has a book where he details reasons why he believes the neanderthals were the forerunners of jews.

Colin Wilson thought highly of him, and that’s a meaningful endorsement to me

He’s marginalized in academia. If there’s anything true about his neanderthal thesis that could be for that reason alone. You know they’d even disappear “the next Jung” if he had theories about them they didn’t like, so I’m open-minded to the possibility.

This would be a pretty weird explainer wouldn’t it?

Their “chosen people” pretension is a typical Neanderthal in-group obsession that is actually a genetic racist predisposition against all other humans.

Many goyim DO act like they know their skull is tiny, that’s how they act

Do YOU want to mess with these evolved apes?

You know that they would hide it if it were discovered they had a high percentage of neanderthal genetics!

I’ll believe anything at this point. Click here for more details.

There was a window of opportunity to challenge them and I think you missed it. I handed it right to you and you fumbled it. I’m not sure if that opportunity will present itself again, nor do I expect the Chinese to be able to pull anything off either. So no big deal, nothing lost, you just let neanderthals have dominion of the earth, it’s not a problem.

I don’t feel strongly either for or against this, it’s just an interesting thought

Stan has always maintained that Jews have a larger admixture of Neanderthal genes, certainly than any European group – and that anti-Semitism is in fact anti-Neanderthalism. (Stan is himself half Jewish, incidentally.)

It would explain so much if they were, say, 1/6th non-human. I mean, they hide the fact that many Africans are 19% non-human. I’m not being mean, that’s just what it is. I’d like to understand humanity. Or, so-called “humanity”. Life might be scarier than you ever dreamed. Nords and the Ice Age, that’s another one they don’t make it easy to learn about. Something has to explain why I have the unshakable sense that Jews are objectively inferior to me. Something seems out of order in the world, like that Lucifer is in power or something. “We’re not Satan, we’re just a different species, we’re not human!”

Apparently there’s another Yid who theorizes about this too- Michael Bradley.

Put simply, Gooch looks favorably on what he perceives to be the Neanderthal origins of the Jewish people, whereas Bradley sees the Neanderthal connection as a very real, but ultimately unfortunate, explanation for many of the geopolit­ical and social problems facing the world today.

“We’ll make you non-human TOO!!” – See, it would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

This has some.. I don’t know what to call it.. Lovecraftian overtones? “The Demon”. It’s not even human at the top of human society, oh boy.

Let’s just try to pile up some evidence. Not PROOF, simply evidence

Esther Esther Esther, you’re really going to have to do some convincing now!

They’ve recurrently found stuff like this over the last couple decades

Would the American people be too happy if they learned they were ruled over by Neanderthals?

If you remember those Habirus? The cut-throats that lingered outside of cities in the desert? Maybe they had even more admixture during those old times? I thought it was impossible to go back farther than the Habirus. This might be another piece of the puzzle.


Sachar was saying then–as even more current Jew­ish historians such as Shlomo Sand have pointed out (to much furor, it seems)–that what is said to be Jewish “history” is really, in substantial part, what the Jewish authors of the Old Testament claimed to be history, but which others–including Jewish (even Is­raeli) historians, archaeologists and other scholars–say is nonsense contradicted by scientific and historical fact.

The Hyksos, Exodus, were those Neanderthal hybrids that were kicked out of Egypt?

Once again, I’m not concluding anything here. This would simply be the greatest “found out!” if true. A pretty disturbing “found out” at that.

I’ve showed you before that present-day anthropology is a “science” controlled by Jewish theorists of equalism

Anthropologists generally turn somersaults to avoid discussing it, but Neanderthal man is the basic racial stock for most Jews.

This would be some true entertainment

Now that this fact is being disin­terred, we are experiencing a great public relations campaign “humanizing” and even ennobling the Neanderthal

No, they don’t know morality, because neanderthals don’t know morality

Honestly this is creepy to read

Speaking of “messed up”, it couldn’t be THIS bad could it? Non-humans controlling our institutions? Hopefully I wake up from a dream in a second.

So I was thinking this conflict was only a few thousand years old…

This mutual aversion between Cro-Magnon/Aryan and Neanderthal has existed for some 60,000 years, and over the late centuries has been codified in the Talmud. It must be posited that the religion of Judaism is simply a Jewish rationalization of the ugly Neanderthal’s hatred for the Cro-Magnon Aryan.

Read more here. Just a speculation.

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