I showed before that Colin Wilson was fond of Gooch. You know Colin Wilson, right? Theorist of the occult, the paranormal. A serious, academic type too, which is odd. And Gooch has books on those subjects as well as ones on neanderthals. He believed that the neanderthals had a more advanced cerebellum

In “The Origins of Psychic Phenomena”, Stan Gooch explores the functioning of the dream-producing part of the brain – the cerebellum – and how the unconscious mind is able to externalise itself. The cerebellum is the physical seat of the unconscious and was once equal, or even superior to, the cerebrum as essential to our functioning. In modern times it has been shunted into the subliminal

One word I’ve seen describing this field is “paranthropology”. Yesterday I quoted Shamir saying they have a telepathic hivemind. This is in a similar direction, not to get too “woo”. I’ve never pretended to dismiss this kind of stuff so whatever, this isn’t new to anyone here. “Good, we’re looking for a reason to dismiss YOU and we found it.” Many such cases with you rumormongers. Just admit neanderthals rule the world, you don’t have to slander me in the process of that, kiddo.

In an in memoriam they say Gooch was convinced the establishment ignored him deliberately.

This in general is an extremely interesting question

from many points of view the cerebellum is not the next highest developed brain organ on our planet, but the premier feature.

I’ve discussed here how they’ve kept the brain science carried out by the Nazis hidden. I’m not an expert, I’d just have to speculate that there are sections of the brain that some races do not possess, and that they wouldn’t exactly make that front page news. This goes in the other direction as well- if Jews had a certain advanced part of the brain they wouldn’t shout about it on the streets.

Am I even a real person to you, or just words on a screen? Don’t answer that. For some I bet if I talked about some of the things I usually talk about face to face they’d probably have a panic attack. Boo.

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I’m just kidding, I only found that first gif randomly, I don’t mean anything by it.

All these things I talk about pertaining to caste and the like can probably be located in the brain. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to gather that brain science is controlled by “equalist science”, i.e. political science is “first science”.

I can only find a couple of this neanderthal theorist’s pdfs. His theories about the physiology of paranormal activity are interesting

He believes the neanderthals were more attuned to the unconscious, which he locates “in” the cerebellum. That doesn’t seem too far-fetched when applied to Jews- that idea of them being a “living fossil”. He believes the cerebrum eventually took over control of the brain in other species of intelligent life (whites). I don’t know how accurate this stuff is, I just believe he’s thinking in the right direction. This is what I’ve said before about how Jews are a “survival-centered” race. There’s something amoral and instinctive about them. Another word he throws in the mix is superstition- the old religion of the neanderthals might have been passed down to the present in some form. I’m not exaggerating when I say Jews seem like bots. They can’t stop being Jews! This is an unconscious force of nature that I doubt they have much control over. And this theorist at least believes it is the cerebellum that drives them. He was writing this in the 70s so maybe I’ll see later how modern science sees this. Once again though, it’s all controlled by the neanderthal cerebellum, I mean our good moral arbiters known as the Hebrews. Speaking of the “egregore” or superego or whatever you want to call it… maybe it CAN be located in the brain. So, any scientists want to step forward and look into this? Yeah right.

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