Already drawn back to one of my favorite ‘thals, Shamir, because he knows things

The Muslim victory over the Jews was so complete that the Jews ceased to be a threat to Islam… the Jews have to fight them with tanks and missiles instead of the more subtle means they use against Christendom.

He explicitly states that the recent emergence of the Wahabi sect has a “Judaic tendency”. This is basically what is known as the alt-lite, which I’d estimate constitutes 99% of the right in the US.

Look, he divides Europeans too

Even before the schism, the Eastern Church preferred the Hellene tendency with its esoteric features and Christ the God, the Western Church preferred the Judaic tendency of exoteric cult and Christ the Man.

Spirit vs. matter. The incarnation has its consequences. Or rather, the interpretation of the incarnation. Eastern whites are relatively less zogged and that can be traced back theologically. No, it’s all that borscht, right?

Further- at the end of the day, is secularism really secularism?

Godless philosophy necessarily drifts into the Judaic tendency with its Absent God, away from Christian feeling of God Alive.

Shamir lived in Israel for a couple decades so that must give him some ethnological authority. This to say- you’re not an atheist, you’re just a Jew. Let’s keep going with this- you’re not a Christian, you’re just a Jew. You’re not alt-lite, you’re just a Jew. Your choice is to live in cope and denial about this or just start wearing a yarmulke around to be an honest person, mammonkike. I’m right, it’s time to confess. “The Demon” haha- you’re the lackey of those creatures. Shameful!

Just admit that you love the lash you little demon.

How floored I’d be if I saw someone post this on facebook or something, whether jew or goyservant

The Jewish ‘plan’ is no secret; there is no need to re-read the Protocols or to ask Jews what they want.

It’s a literal LIVE conspiracy happening right at the very present moment, and they’re all perfectly secretive about it. I find that highly intriguing, and I’m not sorry for continuing to divulge those secrets in ever finer details. Because I don’t like that plan. It sounds like a plan only a collection of retards would make. Is that you, do you have down syndrome? “Duuuhhhhh…uuuhhhuuuhhhhh… NO!”

You’re pretty close to fulfilling this plan already- are you happy?

Hint- the nature of profaned beasts is not believe themselves to be thus. Try to take a step back and think about what kind of sad slave you really are. To me it is all too clear. I wish it weren’t I wish it weren’t.

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