You’d be surprised what kinds of shit I have to go through in my life. Maybe one day I’ll write a memoir. You seriously cannot understand society without knowing that side of it. All I care about in life is me against the world. Some people see what I’m against, and they approach and draw back. And that’s when it gets messy. They don’t want to fight the world. I’ll fight it, you can do whatever you want to me. The world on fire is what I want. Maybe if we’re lucky something will grow from the ashes. No one wants to light themselves on fire- because when you play that game that’s what you’re doing. I’m not exaggerating when I say that if you mess with these people don’t expect to have a “good day” for many years in a row. That’s only my experience, I’m only trying to show you, not dissuade you, because I am very happy that I’ve scarred their ugly face. It’s too bad there isn’t a bullet in it to top it off. We’re working on that.

I will tell you what is needed and probably what is not going to happen. There are people in the academy who would be able to form a counter-elite if they were given the proper incentives. Get ready to wince- this probably means retirement, healthcare for life, vacations. These are people of the world in some respect. Nonetheless, they’re the ones with the brains, and all you have to show them is that they can be “cozy” outside of the establishment. And you will have a deadly weapon. Some of these people are wayyyyy smarter than me, it’s just they’re forced into servility. If you want to destroy these evil demons that control the world you need to free the academics somehow. I don’t know why the fuck anyone has a problem with that. You are all so lost! Who is doing ANYTHING?

ANYTHING! Who is doing anything? You fucking wastes of life. You good for nothings. Do something.

That’s why I say it’s me against the world, because if there was a real revolution I’d have virtually everyone put in a gulag.

“What about the hinty people?” What about them, they all show signs they have one foot in the world. And no, I don’t think it’s “just an act”, that’s who they are.

Do you even have any clue what it’s like to face them? Being secretly funded by billionaires is one thing. Being secretly scapegoated by billionaires is something else entirely. And don’t worry, it’s all part of my imagination, plausibly deniability and all that. And if you want to get really.. I don’t even want to venture into this territory.. the possible trillionaires whose puppets THEY are, who knows, I can only speculate. “It’s all in his head, he’s crazy!” Right right right right right. What are you people hiding? Oh wait, I’ve already shown most of that. The minions do it because they’ve already sold their souls. There is in fact a pyramid of minions that have all sold their souls. All the way down, such that I have this distinct sense that I am fighting the world itself. I will light you all on fire as best as I can, and hopefully it does at least singe the toes of the ones at the very top, what else can you hope for. All minions of evil whose life is a lie, whose career is a lie. In a totalitarian political order like ours even anons have a guilt about this. I’d rather be me than you, that’s all I have to say.

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