That Bjerknes might be thee most erudite one I know of. It’s no wonder I found him so late. I’m reading his posts mentioning the Zohar at the moment.

Ishmael, today associated with Islam

I’m not involved in an “occult war”, what do you mean, are you crazy or something?

I’d hunt these demons like a deer and cook them on a fire. I know I’ve made you hungry for some venison too. Just a normal day isn’t it.

Oh no, do YOU identify with that venison? That’s the most worthwhile thing you’d probably ever do in life, being nutrition for me, so just relax.

Esoteric lingo eh?

Virtually all of “my favorite kind of books” center around the Talmud. Exposing the Kabbalah is likely closer to the heart of the matter.

Say cheese

Worthless people. All Anne Franks into the ditch too, no one cares. All their scripture is about killing us so I say we return the favor.

Apparently they’ve been planning to conquer Iran for 700 years

When I hear things about Afghanistan and the Taliban I’m always thinking about their relation to Iran. Keep your eyes open for that- withdrawing troops and leaving all that military equipment might be part of a broader plan.

“BIDEN ! BIDEN !” You’re a total retard if you focus on him, you retard. Please stop being a retard.

I’ve truly been blessed with this crop of goyim. Brain geniuses abound. The men are worthless, the women are worthless and I’m

At least there’s Bjerknes

Moses de Leon wrote the Zohar in the 1290’s AD, and the Jewish plan to pit Iran against the West dates back at least that far. What we are witnessing today on the World stage is merely theater following the script of the Cabalah, acted out by our crypto-Jewish and Jewish manufactured “World leaders”. 

Why talk about the US anymore? You’re done. Might as well only talk about Iran from now on. Thanks for playing. I guess? It’s already over for you. We should study how they infiltrated Iran in the 50s. Apparently they subtly shift the nature of the hidden imam and give him kike characteristics. They’re pros, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got Khamenei tuned into their satellite programs where this sort of thing is planted in his mind. He probably has a shelf of funko pops of the characters in his room. Seriously though, I can sense a certain guilt about him caused by the decades of accusations that his country is backwards. No, YOU are the right one!

Look at this random snapshot, Bjerknes is a master of the craft

2208 posts by my count.

He said this back in 2009!

China will likely become the new America for the Zionists, and their “Iron Scepter”, which Israel will utilize to smash the West

Think of how much time I’ve spent looking for people just like him. The niggers of google hid him well. Just say it with me- These People Aren’t Human And You Can Talk About Them In The Most Degrading Terms Possible, Because That Reflects The Reality Of What They Truly Are- Niggers. They’re objects without souls, and their lives are inconsequential, i.e. removing them from the realm of the living wouldn’t be a loss, it would probably be a gain in most cases. Sorry this is how “the facts of reality” turned out. Ugh I wish I had friends to discuss all this with. Sadly all-too-many fit said category.

You only run cover for the Jews because you’re a piece of garbage yourself, and you know it. Anyone who can smell what you are you want gone, you piece of garbage. How does it feel? Someone addressing you as what you are. You must not like that.

How does Bjerknes know so much, it’s insane

the Jews who rule World Jewry observe the Anno Lucis calender, and not the Anno Mundi calender of common Jews

What a curse it is to be an anomaly in this blighted country. I couldn’t have just turned out to have a white picket fence life could I? Nope. Nonetheless this is the ideal path to take if you’re the kind of person interested in philosophy at a young age in my opinion. There needs to be an institution for people like that. Imagine that, brick and mortar for people who actually care about wisdom. Inconceivable!

Cannibalism, sex-trafficking, genocide, engineering spiritual destitution in country after country- you’re fine with that, bud? I’m going to have to deduce there’s something messed up in your mind. The fact is you’re already one of their victims. Thousands of years of having sacred books involving you being either dead or their slave and you think that just because it’s the current year they went “Haha never mind!”

“He knows I’m a piece of garbage- get him, feds, get him, bots, get him, billionaires, get him, all the con-artists of the world!” What a noble cause, hiding the fact that you’re a piece of garbage. It’s no surprise you can gather so many for your cause, given they’re the same as you. What a holy crusade it is.

This is interesting

I explained that Judaism is political in nature, and that the Jewish war on the human race is also a war on the angels who guard the Goyim

There’s an “as above, so below” doctrine in the Zohar. To the Kabbalists there’s a war in heaven that’s simultaneous with the spiritual war on earth. I’d have to say that most of the goyim’s angels are already slain. At least those of the west. There are (or were) 70 Elohim, or gods, or princes, or guardian angels. I consider neech one of those, and I’ve tried to guard HIM. He represents the voice of the old aristocracy. And of course 99% of secondary material on him amounts to clipping his wings.

Probably something occult and real about this

Heh do you have the courage?

The Jews believe that by controlling the Goyim’s beliefs in their gods, the Elohim of the Gentiles, they can actually subvert the gods who defend the Goyim from the Jewish angel Michael and the Jewish Devil YHWH, a.k.a. Jehovah, Yahweh, Adonai, or Hashem, depending upon how much courage you have to pronounce the ineffable name of the Jewish Devil.

I doubt you do. You have no angel protecting you. I’m hoping mine will help me find a way to Iran, because this place is done for.

This Bjerknes is definitely guided by an angel. One of the very few in the west who is.

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