Ohhhh it all makes sense when it’s put this way

Bjerknes book on the Armenian genocide is 575 pages so I’m just going to take a glance at it for now. Then again, shouldn’t I be learning Farsi instead? The more eloquent I am with that the better chances they’ll let me in that oasis of theirs. “You can be the next Hafez and they won’t let you in!” Please shut up.

Anyway, Abdülhamid and the Ottoman Empire was like a Saddam and Iraq of the 20th century. You probably don’t hear much about this because it happened in a Muslim country. Nine years before the Bolshevik Revolution they experienced something known as the Young Turk Revolution. And Bjerknes details how that is better known as the Jewish Revolution, or better yet “a” Jewish Revolution since there have been so many of them. Revolution is a pretty stupid word for it because all it means is “giving power to foreign people”.

Okay I have to share this one out of context- yet another historical event we supposedly know all about

The Jews took revenge on the Romans and persecuted Christians by burning Rome and blaming the fire on the Christians, under the directorship of Nero’s crypto-Jewish wife Poppæa.

I think Bjerknes added this in the beginning of this book to say “See, the Ottomans aren’t the first ones.” They’ve been in this business for a long time, and it isn’t the kind of “business” you think of. And business IS business, isn’t it.

How many Americans are spiritually dead inside today? I see that itself as a sort of mass murder too. They’ve gotten away with EVERYTHING scot-free too.

Hating white men is the equivalent of giving Jews more power, that’s all you’re doing. You’re simply diminishing the standing of their only viable rival.

Wow, Bjerknes seems to know everything

There are next to no “enlightened and humanitarian Jews” today unfortunately. Like I said, the ones aware of their people’s history tend to be secretly proud of it. 6 million? Those are rookie numbers. Try 100 million. Really gotta hand it to em, have to credit them with some real ambition there. “And what about it, goy, what about it?” The minority of them that are “the demon” type secretly dwells in the majority of them.

You know that notion from the Elista forum about how ten years of study isn’t enough to understand the JQ? Bjerknes seems like one of the very rare ones who HAS studied it enough.

After all these crimes, these kikes walk around America like nothing happened, it’s breathtaking. Totally untouchable. We call that utter domination. I can’t bring myself to be part of your country anymore if you allow that to happen.

They’ve managed to sweep this detail about the foundation of their homeland under the rug also

the Jews wanted to break apart the Turkish Empire and take over the land from the Nile to the Euphrates.

It’s strange no one ever asks who had dominion over the territory of Israel before they did. The Turks didn’t hand it to them voluntarily, they were coup’d by Greek Jews. I’ve made a post about these ones before, their community in Thessaloniki. And how it’s a dirty secret among contemporary Greeks that they looked the other way when the Nazis rounded them up. Whoops! Must have all been tying their shoes, and when they looked up all the Jews were gone, really unfortunate. When you gotta tie your shoe you gotta tie your shoe.

Bjerknes details how the “Young Turks” of this “revolution” were Sabbatean-Frankists

They believe that evil is good, and that the World must deliberately be made completely evil, and be destroyed, in order for the Jews to obtain “Redemption”.

I’ve posted about Sabbatean-Frankists before. They believe making the world evil will hasten the beginning of the Messianic Era.

Some days I feel like one of the only people in the west who hasn’t been made evil by them.

Anyway, back to this forgotten genocide- here are some motives he lists

When I see Armenians, Levantines, Iranians, etc. who live in the west now being perfectly obedient Jewish slaves it’s so sad, soooooooooo sad! After all this they did to your people and you’re their patsy? You are a sad person. You get away with it in the eyes of everyone else, you don’t get away with it with me. And, many such cases.

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