It looks like H-dawg agrees with Badiou about China

Now we’re jumping ahead from the last course 11 years into 1943, and this was only published a few years ago, on another pre-socratic, Heraclitus. Going over these guys is similar to studying the origins of drama in Aeschylus, Aristophanes, etc. except in this case we’re studying the origins of higher-order thinking. And this is what isn’t exactly explicit in Heidegger’s statement above, and I’d invite the Chinese to blush if they’d like. So closed-off to the occident for centuries, so closed-off to thinking for centuries – what effect could that possibly have?

At the risk of sounding crude, I think the pre-socratic thinkers express in words what the psychedelic experience is like better than pretty much everyone. Some of us are “permatrippers”, and for those who aren’t, you can actually see that state of mind articulated in these thinkers. What I’m trying to say is that the west relative to the rest of the world is permatripping in a certain sense. I can tell viscerally from the differences in humor. Arabs and Asians for instance don’t have a certain “je ne sais quoi” that you can detect in even teenagers over here. Is this a sweeping statement to make? This is just MY experience of the world. I agree with Heidegger above that it was the Greeks that led to this. The gears in our minds have been turning for centuries, and they haven’t been turning elsewhere. You can trace so much “racism” to Christianity’s openness to their “Greek brethren”. Why do you think YOU tolerate ME? It’s probably because you’re a bleeding-heart Christian- haha gotcha. And obviously this has its negative effects as well, which I’ve detailed abundantly.

In the medieval age Aristotle was seen as the culmination of Greek philosophy- it all didn’t happen overnight. Between Thales and Aristotle is about the same distance of time between us and the Revolutionary War. So this is many generations of people having conversations about what reality is. That which is, what is it? And all of those conversations were kind of “condensed” in Aristotle, and that was used to better understand Christianity. I’ll be direct with you- I’m trying to explain why people hate us.

See this post to recall how Judaism and Islam differ from Christianity. And to explain the people outside of the “civilization continent” who hate us, well, that just goes without saying. By the way, do you like me musing on a German’s lectures from the 40s heh heh heh heh. Alllll of those conversations about that which is are going to waste with the protocols of the globalists. Even the Chinese didn’t have philosophy, think about all the peoples of the world that didn’t even have a writing system! Just flush it all down the toilet, it’s fine. This is an esoteric way of understanding leftists, why they’re so SELF-hating. They all are aware of the effects of Aristotle on some level.

Maybe you’re starting to understand something about this now

That’s right

All to waste, all for naught, all in vain.

With the baboonification, jewification, feminization of culture the disappearance of thinking has already reached such levels it should alarm anyone who isn’t already a burnt-out soulless bulb. It’s gone. Our political order is not Greek in any sense whatsoever. The openness factor of Christianity has been exploited to tolerate the most wretched “brethren” on the planet instead.

Thinking you can understand contemporary politics without knowing the fine details of both Athens and Jerusalem, hmm try again.

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