That which is? Did you determine what it is yet? You’re going to be a skeleton in a casket one day, that’s one of the main things I think “it” is. Appearance and disappearance- you yourself are going to disappear. I’m not afraid to say it, I’m not a squeamish person- I think that which is revolves a lot around love and death. Obviously I’m philosophizing at the moment and that is something else that is part of it, philosophy being a placeholder for what we can call one’s “fervent interest”. So, “that which is” outside of all the stupid abstractions, to me, is carrying out your fervent interest, being loved and having people who you love, all within the context of the fact that you’re going to be a skeleton in a casket one day. This isn’t a simple question to answer, “that which is”, go figure. These are what I see as the basics of it.

Do you have those things in your life? That’s what I mean that Being is suppressed in certain ways, because I truly don’t. What is your fervent interest in life? Are you loved for it? Do you respect the people who love you for it? If not, you’re not going to be content as you slowly turn into a skeleton in a casket.

Some people are good at lying to themselves. In my observations the emptiness tends to shine through in ways they don’t realize. “Shine through” heh, no it’s like a gloom through. It’s like part of them knows they’re living a phony life and they just decide to smile despite that. Whatever, you’re going to be a skeleton in a casket someday, maybe sooner than you think, that’s all I’m reminding you of. You are that which is, and that which is is not permanent.

Nonetheless, we ARE trying to determine if there IS something permanent about that which appears and disappears.

I really think that characterizes a lot of it, what you love and the kind of people who love you. And also your love for people who love certain things. Usually no one wants to talk about this and, this is what I care about, so fuck you I guess. You know it’s true, just shut up. No one wants to live an empty life before they die. Have you studied Existentialism yet? Despair and anxiety aren’t random moods. They arise because something is empty. It’s not a ~chemical imbalance~. You need to do what you love and be loved by others for it and also love others for doing what they love. If you don’t have that you’re going to be depressed, or worse.

I’m not here to be a dirtbag, I’m here to sound the alarm about a certain emptiness. This is caused by a totalitarian type of government which has distinct characteristics which resemble oriental despotism. If you are from a Christian-descended people you will not feel at home with such a government. You can’t do what you love, be loved, or love others. Thus you have the constant death-anxiety which lingers in a subconscious way. There’s no one to respect and you can’t even respect yourself. I suffer from this too, because I don’t acknowledge the approval that slaves grant me. The only thing that I do is follow my “fervent interest” and that’s the foundation of “that which is” at least. Whether there’s any love there is another story. And this is what I care about before I’m a skeleton in a casket.

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