Who doesn’t need to visit National Parks?

Places like this actually exist in the US?

I don’t think I’ve ever been to one, I’m probably missing out.

I think the beauty of nature can unlock things in our minds

I’d probably go somewhere nice in my own area if I weren’t being stalked everywhere I go, nothing like being watched

It’s fun to chill in the natural jacuzzis of the waterfalls

Hopefully this will happen out there.

Part of why I like to talk about the Hebrews is because I’m a sci-fi geek and they’re the closest thing to an alien species that invaded earth. I like to learn their secrets that they keep from the humans.


Except one of their characteristics is invisibility, which makes them even more UFO-like.

Based on how people act about them one might expect that if real aliens invaded they’d be similarly scared to mention them at all. Follow their orders, don’t ask questions.

What if you received radio signals from a galaxy far away that informed you of how they wrecked previous planets they invaded? That’s sort of like the Rusnet.

And they’re really good at blocking certain signals, given how many years it took me to find that Bjerknes.

The planet outside of the milky way known as “Poland” sends signals about the “Zyds”. It took lots of tweaks of the satellite to pick up the frequencies from the E.T. known as “Choinski”.

There is still lots of “incoherent noise” from the planet known as “the middle east”. We still need to learn to decipher the language of many of those signals.

Someone who knows their language reacts to this dispatch

كتاب نادر لا توجد منه سوى ثلاثة نسخ بالعالم لخطورته ومن حسن الحظ صادف أن لدي إحداها..
لا أدري ماذا يسعني أن أقول عنه إنه خطير بحق أشعر رغم نعومة ملمس أوراقه أني أحمل بين يدي قنبلة موقوتة.
إنهم شياطين الإنس.

Three courses per year, it could take you a decade to learn

Only one nearby planet in particular seems to have a psychic forcefield around it which prevents the flying saucers from entering, so maybe Farsi would be wiser to learn.

The species of virtually every other planet with intelligent life are manipulated by their mind-control, often without being aware of it. And the ones who are aware of it consciously serve these little green men in most cases. They’ve been hypnotized to trust their Plan.

These extraterrestrials with their emblem of a six-pointed star frequently don’t know about their history on other planets. And when they learn about it it doesn’t faze them at all. 100 million deaths means nothing to them. Some even secretly find it amusing. From that one would have to deduce they perceive earth’s humans as similar to cows.

After listening carefully for hours and hours to the signals I’ve picked up from outer-space I wonder if they’re right to see us that way. It seems like they only have the technology to invade and they don’t know what to do once they do invade. I can’t trust their Plan when I see what they’ve done to other planets. They only invade them to exploit them, they don’t want to help them. They pretend that they’re helping them, and that’s only the guise they use to better exploit them.

What were we talking about? The beauty of National Parks? Got sidetracked there for a second. Did you get abducted by a flying saucer? No, you probably still trust their Plan.

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