It would be something of a relief if as the west gets worse and worse at least China got better and better

with the rise of 400 million middle-income groups, more and more Chinese people are beginning to think about more ultimate questions, such as what is a person and what is the value of life. Where is the ultimate destination of man, where is man in the world and even in the universe, and so on.

This is from an article on the popularity of sci-fi there, which is taken to be a symptom of China’s “rise”.

Sci-fi was born in Britain in the age of industrialization and they say something similar is going on in China today.

This is an interesting structural interpretation of the genre

in 2011, China’s urban population surpassed the rural population for the first time. These are the hallmarks of modernization. The essence of science fiction prosperity is a reflection of the ambitions of the rise of great powers.

The west is in a coma. We got so used to being a great power we took it for granted and fell asleep. The Chinese are wondering about what it is to be human… I’d like to see that happening here. We’re squandering our first-world conditions. We have approximately zero impulse toward any kind of renaissance.

I do frequently see a “consciously-willed renaissance” attitude on the Sinonet

it is difficult for the blockchain to enter the imagination of ordinary people. Many sci-fi works are still repeating the old themes of the golden age of the last century. This requires writers to return to the original intention of science fiction and strengthen innovation with greater passion.

The US seems like a daycare center for the bioleninists and not much else. Meanwhile this Chinese article is talking about a mission to create new classics. Needless to say I’ve never seen someone in the west say that, what a joke. A daycare without a babysitter.

This attitude is nonexistent here- CORPSED

its journey will be the stars, the sea and the vast future.

I hate to bring a certain something up… At least “MAGA” was something in that direction, and look how the establishment reacted to it. And what does Biden represent? Nothin? Like I said before, he’s a negation and not much else. Over there they call it the Chinese Dream, that’s what they have. What we have here is an aimlessness. Floating through the void, hoping for a cheap thrill here and there.

We just try to make brown people cozy because we are NOT Nazis- so much mental energy goes into that. Are you in the Peace Corps or something? Go to Africa and be a Peace Corps member, we have other things to focus on here.

They’re living their Dream over there while we have these never-ending lockdowns from the bat soup plague they probably purposely designed in a lab and spread to us, much like the Native Americans and smallpox. Good, this civilization of mindless hedonism deserves to be wiped out.

Tell me what excitement awaits after COVID is all over. I don’t see it. There’s nothing on the horizon because there is no future-thinking here. How bleak, it’s a society of slobs in a slump and there’s no end to this in sight! It’s a people that’s forgotten how to dream.

Do my pessimistic laments make you happy? I hope they encourage you. We have to cleave through the rot and stagnation.

If you want to think about dystopia, so much of the media has the direct objective to demoralize the core population of the country. Imagine if that was everyone in China- “You should feel bad for being Han!” That has the effect of making people into morose zombies. Demoralized people, no exciting goals, vice is everywhere. People make fun of India for all the “street-shitters” and most words I see in English might as well be the equivalent of that. It’s not some kind of fantasy, it exists right in the present- we live in a decadent civilization. No dreams, people act like tards everywhere, nothing noble or beautiful, nothing heroic, nothing profound. Something’s gotta change. I say we install a temporary tyrant to clean up the entrenched power-structure. Without that you can expect the US to continue to careen downward while all the real “progress” in humanity is happening in China. People with a dream, people who wonder what it is to be human, people with a mission to create new classics. Gotta envy them.

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