So I asked the Russkies the other day what they thought about WWI which you can recall here if you’d like, and now I’m learning some more details from Bjerknes

The Zionists required a world war, in order to destroy the Turkish Empire and free up Palestine for the Jews

It IS a mystery that no one ever mentions what country had sovereignty over that land before them.

This is from his book on the Armenian Genocide which seems pivotal in all this as well. The dirty details of what it took to found a new country.

I want to show you something that seems extraordinary to me. I don’t think Bjerknes is a “normal guy” in any sense whatsoever. He writes the following, okay?

And then know what he does next? He lists titles for SEVENTEEN pages. For instance

and and and see also see also see also for seventeen pages. So this isn’t some kind of livejournal article about this subject. This is the same person who’s written thousands of pages on Einstein. They bury people like this better than others, they make sure to pack it nice and dense with the shovel.

So, anyway, it seems like the Armenians were the sacrificial goat that needed to have its throat slit for Israel to be created. We love our light subjects here don’t we.

Bjerknes frequently mentions the “Young Turks” and them in the same breath with the Bolsheviks. This is a more “secret” slaughter of theirs. Not like the Bolsheviks aren’t a secret too, you get my point though.

So this explains why my Armenian best friend in middle school was in the US at all. He might’ve mentioned a genocide once, just not the you-know-what part about it.

This is yet another reason to perceive Jünger as a psyop. All that glory and bravery on the battlefield and in the trenches of WWI, all a distraction from this sort of thing. “Which mediocrity to select from that time to throw the starving goys a treat? Aha, timid little Jünger, perfect. And he even looks like a warrior on the surface.” I feel like I’m on my back, juggling the lies of the rabbis with the soles of my feet.

A tale as old as time

Jews are taught to scapegoat others and the scapegoat is a fundamental part of Jewish religious mythology. The Jews wanted to scapegoat the Turks and Kurds for the Jewish genocide of the Armenian Christians, all the while lying to the Armenians and promising them that the Jews were the Armenians’ best friends

Give us a nice greasy smile why don’t you.

The zogglings reading this are never going to say anything about this either because they have THEM fooled too into thinking they’re their best friends!

And look who’s next

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While you know I try to present this in a humorous way sometimes, you should reflect on how sinister this is.

I simply cannot imagine shacking up with an Esther yenta. All the excuses for the crimes. What is wrong with you? Excuse me for speaking of women in this way- that is a foul individual that does such a thing.

Next time you see a common Jew, just think- they are no different than their hypercapitalist slaver coethnics, they are all in it together. When you look at or talk to one you are addressing “the demon types”, they are all one hivemind. This is not an exaggeration- anyone who divulges these secrets of theirs they would be happy to see dead. Preferably in a torture chamber or something of that nature if I had to play mindreader. So much blood, so many rivers of blood, and they will not take responsibility for any of it, they will only continue to scream about Nazis. This is a fundamentally corrupt people that God rightly dispersed into the winds. And it’s too bad they found themselves here next.

Look what Bjerknes says here- if you keep blaming Biden for Afghanistan there’s no doubt that you are “one of them”

Free themselves of guilt and make goys look bad in the process, how perfect. And how sad it would be to hear about them all dying, it would be really sad I think.

No one cares about anything. You’re probably going to be the next Armenians and you do nothing about it, in fact you probably help them carry out that goal in one way or another.

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