This probably says something about Allah, this is how he manifests

“Please stop bringing this up.” Why do I live with the west in my head? I still haven’t killed it all the way.

Untainted by the west

Do you think you even deserve something like that, “Mr. Anon”? I don’t think so, you scoundrel.

Time to bring your corruption there, right? Just what they need. Probably will decrease the value of the country the instant you set foot in it.

I look at pictures of Persian cuisine and have no idea what any of it is. They hide everything about this place from us! The only place the worthless kikes haven’t gotten into, that’s why.

I’m ready to say farewell, I just don’t know how to. “Exit” has finally crystallized. In ways most people do not want to accept. Make sure to tell people the real reasons you want to go there. That would violate at least three of the five main thoughtcrimes.

Seriously, google image “iran cuisine”, it looks like it’s from another planet.

The sooner you accept that America was a failed experiment, the better. It will be better for your mental health to just accept it. Even before the Civil War I wouldn’t trust its inherent logos. It’s just an Anglo version of the French Revolution. We showed the French the tricks on how to do it. Even if the first was against the bankers and the second was engineered by the bankers the founding principles are way off. Anything involving equality has a nihilistic telos. No, we’re not equal, we are superior to vermin bankers. That’s how it should have been written. They probably bought you and your whole family and all your friends. Isn’t that nice, what a meaningful life. It amazes me how genuine people seem to be in their fervor to be a banker’s little bitch. Their heart and soul is in it, their enthusiasm is true. Count me out, I’m not signing up for that. It’s probably better, on an ontological level even, to be a roving animal or something. If you think of capital as symbols for food-stock for instance, it’s better to be a moose and chew on some vegetation or something than to sew your spirit up into servitude to these people who have wanted you to boil in a vat of feces for thousands of years. “Their scriptures don’t mean anything anymore.” It’s against the rules to say ‘it’s okay to be white’, go from there. I’m done trying to convince you of things. People pass a point of no return. A good percentage of my readers would probably jump at the opportunity to help Mossad snipe me out if they were asked to, after I made it to Iran. Your entire delusion-system I’ve destroyed, “so sawwie” you piece of garbage. Whether they’re on the left or right, 99% of people are “invested” in that mammonkike life. Sorry that’s you. Sorry it would be Righteous to kill you and cleanse the country of you. Ideally I’ll be helping middle eastern people do just that, since they still believe in God, and not Satan, which is what Mammonism truly is about. You can keep being a greasy carnie and yelling to people about how this isn’t the case- it is.

If you look into the various sorts of futurism going on in Dubai it’s proof that Islam is not intrinsically hostile to that kind of thing. They could use people from the west there that aren’t trying to spread idiotic ideas for a change. It’s all been forms of equalist nihilism (redundancy), and it’s no wonder they never learned to accept it. For now I don’t plan on trying to change the place at all, that’s just arrogant for one, I’m only looking for an oasis away from these less-than-human people that exist everywhere in the west, and hopefully I get there before I end up under a bridge for all the shit I’ve pulled here, because that is very well within “their” ability to bring about and I know I’m on that list of people to do that to. I just love Plato, love neech, I dunno what to tell you. They seem to point to Iran.

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