My favorite part about it all is that you can’t debate me face to face. That’s revealed the true pussy you are over the years. Feeling mealy-mouthed or something? Just gotten used to the fact that you resort to hiding certain people since you have no response? Yes, you’re involved in a “nigger conspiracy” that you never can admit to. Because that’s part of being a nigger. Can’t have a normal discussion face to face because you’d be removed from society yourself. Your worldview rests on a foundation of lies which you cannot even address without everything falling apart, thus you have to tell yourself the people you ban are so below you they aren’t worth a response. No, you simply do not have a response. You are a Jewish Nigger. Are you proud to be part of a subhuman conspiracy? I bet you are, because that’s what a down syndrome patient believes about itself. It makes me laugh to think of you actually speaking with me in a normal way. You can’t do it. It’s a nigger. What is it like not being a human and for that reason having the majority on your side? Start to think you’re supposed to be in a jungle or something? That’s the impression I get. If you talked to the people you ban you look like a total retard, I wonder what that means? Better to hide behind a screen. If you were face to face you’d look like a retard, a pussy, a kike, and a nigger, all rolled into one. Unless you want to try and disprove me? So ask yourself why you need to hide that. We already know the answer, you’re not a person. Good idea to universalize being not-a-person.

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