Can we have something like this?

The answer is “no”.

You can only expect our big cities to be even worse by 2040, who can doubt it? Look at this, they don’t just think into 2040

They have designs for something they call an urban agriculture park

Unlike us, it’s a people that dreams, have to give them that. You can find some pretty crazy designs on the Arabnet

They have some cool-looking designs for buildings I’d show you if I didn’t think the decadents here would look at them and only see penises. The meaning of life is humping, you’re an animal, I understand.

You’d be surprised what kinds of ideas these UAE Muslims have. They seem more innovation-minded than the supposedly scientific west. The “seasons of civilization”- ours is NOT in a “Spring”. While I can only hope that it’s Winter, it’s probably only Fall. Buckle your seatbelt, you’re taking a ride through the sewers, it’s called the “sewer ride”, hopefully you have a good time. What’s that, you didn’t think to bring any goggles? That’s unfortunate.

Looking at Dubai you just know that the west is being left behind. All there are are cowards everywhere, there’s not going to be a change.

This is one of their plans for what they call a climate-controlled neighborhood

There’s a lot of desert out there, and with the right attitude it doesn’t have to be a desert anymore

They have the year twenty SEVENTY-ONE on their mind!

I’ve showed you before how they simply built houses ON the ocean

Don’t like being in the middle of a desert? How about pour some of that sand in the middle of the ocean then?

What are we doing here?

I like this word

Look at all the places no one lives

Much like the Chinese, these people in headwraps are “dreaming”

And as you can see from the before and after from 1991, they are making their dreams a reality.

This probably has something to do with it- this is one their Mosques

There’s nothing on the agenda here in terms of future plans, these supposedly backward Muslims have a better idea of the future than we do. The only thing on our horizon is increased Weimarization. It’s pretty grim what part of that consists of- it’s recognizing wretched people as non-wretched and in that process turning into a more wretched person yourself. Our society hopes to immanentize wretchedness-in-itself by 2071. That’s OUR plan, if we could be said to have one.

I always found this anecdote from the Pale to be amusing

The president of Belarus did make that controversial remark that they create pig-sties.

There are ambitious things happening in the world, and they’re not happening in the US. The citizens here didn’t seem to turn out right, “for some reason”.

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