Here is the number Revilo Oliver gives in 1980, you really can’t know the truth

If you’ve ever read him before then you know he’s one of the few real ones from this decrepit “patch” of ours, and his general suspicion here doesn’t seem far-fetched.

That pig-sty notion draws me back to him though, I recall this intriguing speculation from one of the books he decided to have published posthumously

They love ugliness, they love decay- why is that? It’s quite the odd quirk to have.

I’m going to look at this book he suggests. Apparently most Hebrew words are rooted in verbs

In Hebrew even the verb to be, hayah, is dynamic. It has a passive voice! Do any Indo-European languages have a passive voice for to be?

I like how I’m just “some guy” and I look into these things because NO ONE ELSE WILL. Think I’m a professional linguist? No, I have to dabble around because the brainless goyim do absolutely nothing. Total niggers who deserve their slavery. It’s an obvious conclusion to draw. I saw some alt-lite type the other day whining about extremism on the right, and afterward they proceeded to discuss nutritional facts about ketchup, I shit you not, and this is approximately where most of the nigger goyim are in terms of “importance of discourse”, i.e. everything that say is meaningless and as irrelevant as ketchup facts. They all deserve to have their daughters bent over at the front of a congo line populated by an endless stream of Harvey Weinsteins and Baboon Apes. Truly worthless people everywhere whose “reincarnations” will doubtlessly better reflect their present spiritual predisposition than the deceptive form it takes now which at least gives them the mere appearance of being human. And the Jews laugh at both of us when I yell at you. What else can one do? “Haha they’re hopeless!” Pretty much.

Whatever, this is my personal interest in the center of this irredeemable wasteland I suppose

The Greek sense of time also is secondary to the perception of space. Space is more important than time. It is the opposite from the Hebrew perspective. 

Any remarks here about ketchup? Bueller? I really want to hear your ketchup thoughts, thanks.

This book seems pretty crazy

“We’ve terrified them into absolute silence about us! They fear even bringing up scholarly questions, oh we really got them right where we want them, like a pack of wolves circling a fawn.”

Ugh why did Socrates have to be poor and barefoot?? On some planets it’s not like that.

Anyway, the universal being primary could in part explain their totalitarian tendency.

Boman says the Greeks are more visual and logical, while the Hebrews are more psychological. A more appropriate linguistic study I think would be on English vs. Hebrew.

This about the heebs is interesting

I’m still one of those conspiracy theorists that believes Trump was part of their plan, and I think of that kind of thing in the above context. They periodically loosen their control in order to ultimately strengthen their control.

A funny way of describing their materialism

This book is truly for JQ specialists. It’s only letting me borrow it for one hour.

Looking for it elsewhere I see this review

Builds on the premise that language and thought are inevitably and inextricably bound up with each other.

Boman says Europeans have struggled with the concept of infinity while it was always simple to the Hebrews. I wish their supremacy could be THAT clear and I could just surrender to their power and let them run the west without question, and–I have my doubts about that. Masters of worldliness are not my master.

This is a potentially dangerous idea

Historical science is often what I attempt to do here, and the ones who believe in their historical religion don’t seem to like it, for obvious reasons. Two fundamentally opposed understandings of history as a discipline.

This clown Boman only draws on the Old Testament, what an amateur. Eh he asks the right questions at least- this is not about ketchup.

This is super interesting, I think

How much have I taught Jews about THEMSELVES? And they still want to keep me out of society. What does THAT teach you about yourselves? I’m going to pay for this condescension, I know it. “Did you ever consider that you’re living in the very world that they’re the masters of?”

No one ever gets that thought that it logically follows one should attempt to master THEM, as a being, an object of study?

Anyway, “Hebrew” is another myth, the Talmud is written mostly in Aramaic. Nice suggestion from Oliver though nonetheless.

It wasn’t only kept from the goyim

They read a page a day. That probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for… most people in the world. If you follow me then you pretty much have been doing just that.

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