You have to be a super sperg to find yourself looking at this

You can suck some titties or you can be interested in this- choose ONE!

Tits put grown men into babybrain-mode, I swear that’s what so much of it boils down to.

Anyway back to the purgatory subject (we’ll call it). Don’t tell me this, Bjerknes

It is wise to remember when dealing with the Lyin’ of Judah, that the cat has four paws, America, Britain, Russia and China. 

China is a speculative issue unlike the other three.

This is such a joke


Anyway I’ve made a few posts before on this subject Bjerknes speaks of

He says the Iranians have no real allies. As far as world-powers go that might be true. I’m not even going to ask if anyone has looked into certain details about the Belt and Road program, because I know that everyone stays away from those kinds of details. Besides them, Syria is flatlining, and Lebanon, well, Lebanon is smaller than Connecticut, it’s something though. Bjerknes takes some extreme stances sometimes- he alleges for instance that Israel created Hezbollah and Hamas. I have to admire his thoroughgoing suspicion even if I am suspicious of that suspicion. Want to be in a “free world”? Talk about this kind of stuff then. Otherwise you are not in such a world.

He seems to agree with me about the uniqueness of a certain patch- and this is from 2007

The playground of World politics is populated with the most treacherous and conniving psychopaths humanity and inhumanity can produce. Iran should trust none

He’s a clever one, this is from 2007 again

It is funny. Some people still suspect that when I refer to a war with Iran I am mistaking Iran for Iraq. Indeed. . .

He gets into hyper-conspiratorial thinking with this

bound to lead to their own deaths in a very real Holocaust which will result as a backlash against all of Jewry for destroying the modern World, as the Jews destroyed the ancient World of Egypt, Greece and Rome; which led to a 2,000 year diaspora.

This Greece question is more speculative than the China one, the other two are more plausible and I’ve presented evidence for both elsewhere. The idea here is that ZOG failed ancient countries and that’s why they lost Israel in the first place. Their Second Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. Think their plutocrats would hide this about the ancient world? I think they would. It’s pretty telling, Cicero’s attitude toward them, his fear of their great influence in Rome. Whether they controlled Caesar and that’s why the senate stabbed him, or whether they controlled the senate and that’s why they stabbed Caesar, is a question I might explore in the future.

Bjerknes, I think you might be right here

alas, many human beings are far too stupid to comprehend these facts and processes even when they are explained to them.

I wish I read this guy back in 2007 when he wrote it, I’d be so much wiser today. In those days I just had my 4chan friend IRL talking about various memes. Bjerknes offers highly articulate and erudite meditations on geopolitics in a Realpolitik manner.

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