Okay, now I’m moved to take a peek at what appears to be Bjerknes’ (conspicuously 5,300 page) magnum opus

I won’t say it’s “occult”, I’ll just say the existence of this physicist has a subtle, hypnotic effect on people’s minds. “Accept that we’re the brains of the operation!” more or less.

So far, Bjerknes’ samizdats are Heisman-tier, and to me that is not a light statement to make at all. “Heisman? Like da trophy?” No, these are the people in our culture that should be the ones winning trophies, and they never will. Rule numbah one of rabblewoyld. The ancient Greeks exiled those who were “over-qualified” too, so it’s not like this is a new thing in history.

So what’s in these 5,300 pages anyway?

Never see anything like that in the current year.

Don’t you get that “sensation of sovereignty” when you see Einstein laughed at? Imagine his head as a certain padlock, that’s the purpose he serves. He keeps you from asking questions. “No he doesn’t.” He kind of does actually. Bjerknes devoted so much thought to this probably because this is one of their most elaborate tricks.

If you attend closely to the “normie side” of your psyche you might notice that Einstein is similar to the pajama people and the gas chambers. Or have you already totally EXPUNGED the normie side of your mind so you can’t see that anymore? I can still see it, personally. It was Einsteins in those pajamas! Terrible! Hate yourself!

Do you remember the other day when I looked at dozens of languages on the internet to see what different countries around the world thought of “the greatest geniuses of all time”? Einstein was pretty much the top of the list in most of them. Was this “manufactured”? Who even knows the exact details of what he thought up? I think this is something people are told and they don’t question it at all. One of Bjerknes’ arguments is that Einstein’s ideas were thought up by other people before him, and the Jews buried them and promoted him to the public. Could you ever accept that if it were true? “Taking everything away from us!” That’s what you’ve done to the goyim with your lies and crimes you twats. You’re not an Einstein that I put into pajamas, and I will put a non-Einstein like you right back into pajamas. If their brain-in-itself turned out to be a fraud who would be shocked? In the Protocols relativism, (aka “relativity”) is said to be something used to make goyim easier to control. Physics grounds morality. When you declare what is you implicitly declare what should be.

Anyway, this study is so dense I’ve been continuing to only scroll and scroll through the table of contents.

This is peculiar

They love how scared they have you, they love it. Have no doubt about that. When I request of them that they admit their crimes, like the Armenian Genocide for instance, that only stirs them to more frantically call for white genocide! That’s the kind of people we’re dealing with here, have no illusions about it.

Another one to add to the collection next to Nero and the burning of Rome

One of the reasons they hate us so much is that they believe their own lies they’ve told themselves about goyim.

Something disturbing about their secret psychology

The proto Neil?

i.e. a system-manufactured “expert”?

See, I’m still scrolling through here, musing on what I see and- Socrates could’ve told you this one

You have to attend to your own psyche to see what I’m point to here, as I said. This man has psyop qualities. Was he really smart? Probably. I’m just saying Einstein the man is a symbol that has various effects on people’s perception in ways they aren’t aware of.

This is 1919, and it seems people have a similar conviction today

Newspapers around the world covered the story and declared that Albert Einstein had surpassed the genius of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton.

And… who owned those newspapers? “See? We’re the smaht one, goy!”

Similar to linguistics earlier, I’m not a physicist. Bjerknes however does seem to be one himself, and you can read studies of his on these subjects if you’re interested in more than the glance I’m giving you (he speaks pretty clearly as far as that’s possible). This is the same Bjerknes who is a historiographer, Realpolitik geopolitical observer, and master of Hebrew scriptures, among other things- in sum, a “genius” of sorts who they really don’t want you knowing about.

A side of Einstein you probably weren’t familiar with

The press promoted the virulently racist and segregationist Zionist, Albert Einstein, as if he were the world’s greatest mind

Know what’s “genius”? The Jews behind this that pulled all this off, they deserve the credit here.

I already know how people are though. Just like when I talk about the “live-traders”, the rampant sex-trafficking in the Pale, people hear it and nothing changes about their perception of our political order. The pajamas, the forgotten Pale, and the genius of Einstein are all FUNDAMENTAL to our present political order. All you have to do is attend carefully to the normie side of your psyche and you will see. This is everyperson here, this is what normal is- taking all these things for granted. It’s all highly questionable in multiple ways. This Bjerknes study is a real takedown so far, check it out, use it as an exercise in demythologization.

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