You think about Pound and Mullins, and you have to wonder who must’ve been hidden. Because the only reason these two survived into the present was because Pound had a rare poetic gift. I speculate that hundreds of people in the last century likely said more than Pound did and were more “fact-centered” and thus you only know of him, his idiotic interpreters, and the exception named Mullins. This is a more realistic way of thinking of “truth vs appearance” or “philosophy vs art”. Hopefully you can be a Pound. Given what he uncovered while simultaneously being a master of the poetic craft I for one believe he should be enshrined as the pinnacle artist of the 20th century. He is the ONLY ONE who did not sell out.

And we can get into lots of convoluted subjects with this. For instance the question of whether art is about beauty pure and simple or whether truth and politics are necessarily involved. What defines art? That is a “forever question”, for now though I will suggest art involves politics and particularly it involves questioning the powers that be at the highest levels possible when it is true art. And that is what Pound does.

The simple fact is that you cannot disentangle beauty from truth. AND you cannot disentangle truth from politics. He is the only one I know of from the 20th century who does this in an artistic manner. A synthetic individual, a true human. I’d call him a fellow American of ours if he didn’t leave this cursed place for Europe. Still, he’s an American and he could never help it.

Given this fact about the 20th century, which I voice to you from off the reservation, I believe if we ever did build an “Antiversity” there should be an entire department dedicated to Ezra.

It’s not just him though, his generation knew about what he spoke of, they were just quieter about it. They all KNEW that art was forced to submit to the plutocrats. Pound said see ya later and migrated to a country where they reformed the (((banking practices))). Meanwhile tough guy Hemingway the chicken shit was a total coward much like Ernst Younger. Starting to see things about reality yet? If only we had the poetic types in our country tuned into this, because I am not a poet myself unfortunately. The one thing to learn from Deleuze- art, philosophy, and science are the real “noumenon”. Only when they are all working together is the thing-in-itself achieved.

I try to tell you fools about a golden portal, and not everyone can get through it. In most cases you will bump against a forcefield and be electrocuted and end up hating it. On the other hand, if you ARE able to pass through life won’t be easy for you either. If you fight the world then obviously the world will be against you. Pound did make it to the other side of that and live to write about it, and we should learn from him. Rabbleworld whispers to you that “You will die if you try to initiate yourself using that portal”. It’s really Jewworld. And the word “jew” is such a dirty shameful word we might as well call it “Kikeworld”. When I say the word Jew don’t you sense the dirt involved in that? Good pure Christians tend to avoid even mentioning the name of people like that, so I can’t blame you. “Jew”- what is that, manure or something? That’s what we should believe is our “God”?

To summarize, there is indeed a “portal” that all of the establishment, and the false opposition that poses against the establishment, pretends doesn’t exist, and Ezra Pound represents that well, if only you’d take the time from reading shitposts to read him.

The false opposition that poses against the establishment. I have a feeling you should repeat those words and wonder if you’re part of that.

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