So the Navajo have that “peyote religion” out in Arizona

One of these I haven’t really covered

We know that Muhammad lives freely in certain places on earth. What about the BUDDHA?

Isn’t this kind of disturbing to see

It appears there are a few countries that are predominantly Buddhist

Let’s not be fooled by commie countries that claim to be Buddhist, where politics precedes religion

I’m looking for places where Buddhism is the “state religion”. Is the Buddha alive somewhere?

It appears that today 90% of Myanmar, about 48 million people, are Buddhists. So neither ZOG, nor anti-ZOG, NOR “COG”. Do people just leave them alone or what?

467,000 monks belong to a monastic order with kind of a funny name, Thudhamma Nikaya.

It’s a pretty weird looking language


Have they somehow managed to avoid all the nonsense from the US, Israel, China?

One of the only books I find on the subject of their religion, and look how it’s framed

I’ve made a couple posts on the Rohingya issue in Myanmar. They’re sanctioned, so that’s always a good sign.

Believe it or not, the Buddha is armed and deadly

English-speakers refer to Myanmar as a “military regime”. Really? Are you sure it isn’t a Buddhist regime with a military? Oh no, it’s not a liberal democracy.

“You want to corrupt my monks?”

It’s like I was talking about yesterday- things you don’t realize happen around the world because of COVID.

There was a coup in February, and this democracy advocated was arrested by the military

You can imagine I’m in a “my heart really goes out to you” kind of mood right now AHAHAH!

The lady above won the Nobel Peace Prize, and that’s something to be cynical about in my opinion.

This can only be a good sign

This military man has been their prime minister since August

He claims that the lady above won the election through fraud. I wouldn’t be surprised. Looks like someone was willing to do something about it when that happens. He violated the constitution and detained various “democracy leaders”.

Via Wikileaks – what else do you need to know?

Give it a kiss with tongue, do it

Ahhhh I wasn’t expecting to see this great news today

In 2019 gave him an award, the real Nobel Prize you probably want to win

What is the meaning of this?

Among the reasons for awarding a degree are: Protection of religion and wisdom; Building a modern army; Religious affairs; National stability; Care for the lives of the people and religion

Cue Buddha laughing at the west.

So, this might be another option outside of Iran… Therevada and Shia- sovereign peoples.

What’s he thinking? “Corrupt, westernized devil-woman”?

This likely won’t be my last post on these people

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