So, the fallen west hasn’t managed to ruin this country yet?

Locals will call the police if they see a foreigner in certain places

Someone who thinks the following is somewhat amusing isn’t allowed in there or what?

How did the guy in the middle lead to this simultaneously first world and depraved civilization?

Myanmar seems like the Buddhist version of Iran

Unfortunately I’m not finding much in the way of online activity from them.

It’s funny how North Korea is portrayed as so hostile to the west. Marx is state doctrine. That’s not hostility to the west.

An August article from the Council on Foreign Relations refers to Myanmar as “orphaned” by both the west and the east

Myanmar today resembles Europe during the Nazi occupation.

Doesn’t he look “interesting”

Charged with spreading “fake news”.

Pretty bloodless. Hey, at least we got that podium out of ours, right?

Even when it’s a joke you still get in trouble – this Myanmar coup wasn’t ironic and smiling

The ones in control of the Myanmar patch are known as the Tatmadaw (တပ်မ​တော်). This group has been the Royal Armed Forces since the 800s. Yeah, for over a thousand years. Did the Tibetans have a military? And look what happened to them.

In the 1800s they were defeated by the British and BOG’d. I mean, depending on who you think controlled the Bank of England at that time anyway. They were under British control between 1885 and 1948. Now they just overthrew this “Yellow Hillary”, that’s how I see it.

This is what I find most interesting

This is what they have instead of hollywood, academia, MSM?

Buddhism is a facet of life in Myanmar, with laypeople offering alms as the sole source of sustenance for the monastics and the monastics offering laypeople the teachings of the Buddha.

Those 500,000 monks have a lot of influence there apparently. Many of them are nationalists, and even ethno-nationalists, because they worry about the corruption and decline of Buddhism.


“Lewd” = he accused her of being a hoe of foreigners.

There are quite a few euro-language books on her

So, 500,000 Therevada monks, and 500,000 Tatmadaw soldiers, that’s what their power looks like over there, at least at a glance.

The majority of the soldiers grow up within the Tatmadaw society and are taught that they are the protectors of Buddhism

Most of what I see on the English internet slanders them.

“English” internet. Not surprised to see that a Jew wrote something like this

the Buddhist Bamar ethnic majority is glorified at the expense of Myanmar’s many ethnic minorities

People having their own country, isn’t that crazy.

Some alien media to find?

The military runs television stations, publishing houses and a film industry

The Tatmadaw is sort of like their aristocracy. Kshatriyas. They are a self-enclosed society, a state within a state. They’re interconnected families.

A conspiracy to look into

A Muslim cabal, funded by oil-rich sheikhdoms, is accused of trying to destroy the Buddhist faith of Myanmar’s majority.

And of course the usual suspect

George Soros, the American philanthropist and democracy advocate, stands accused in Tatmadaw circles of trying to subvert the country with piles of cash for activists and politicians.

I’d like to read the memoirs of one of their higher-ups. Like I said, googling their language isn’t very helpful.

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