This is a great question

It’s a lot better than asking a normie Muslim scholar or white person about it- al-Ghazālī.

Isn’t it crazy how blindly we have to go into all this? One of the major world religions and it’s so closely guarded. You don’t know who to trust about it over here.

Let’s talk about the main irony here. I’ve mentioned the term ta’wīl when discussing the Ismaili sect of Shi’ism- it’s the esoteric interpretation of Quran. You can google تأويل‎ and ask them about it directly if you want. The irony is about this English study I found is that it’s the interpretation OF ta’wīl, i.e. the interpretation of interpretation. If you don’t get the interpretation of interpretation right then you won’t get the interpretation right. You have to start somewhere, and I haven’t seen a paragraph like this one you’re reading in a middle eastern language before. So self-referential, so postmodern- hopefully we can interpret the Quran without our postmodern lens, which is so first-nature to many of us we don’t even realize it.

Are ya scared?

I know you’re scared. Given the geopolitical reality it’s impossible to deny that there’s something special about this book.

Let’s do a quick exercise in self-awareness. Say the words “I’m a Muslim.”

Now say the words “I’m a Buddhist.” I bet you feel dirty when you say the first one. And this is by design. They’re virtually the only enemy of the plutocrats. There’s a reason you never hear about Myanmar- they’re not perceived as a threat. Hey, if you want to exit maybe it would be good to go there instead of Iran for that reason. And I’ll probably be writing about the “ta’wīl” of their Theravada one of these days soon.

It’s only possible to interpret clearly when you have the self-awareness I state above. Just another day of attempting to reverse trillions of dollars of brainwash in myself and others.

Shamir says it himself

The Muslim victory over the Jews was so complete that the Jews ceased to be a threat to Islam.

I’d like to be initiated into this

In Sufi thought ta’wīl has always been important. It is frequently noted that the term is associated with return (awwal) to the origin, and various English translations have been suggested, including ‘spiritual exegesis’ (Corbin 1960:28), ‘disallegorization’ or ‘bringing back to a higher plane’

al-Ghazālī had a spiritual crisis when he was 37 which led to him embracing Sufism, so I don’t rule it out happening to me. This is one of the brainiest Muslims that ever lived, that’s why I want to know what he thought about “interpretation”.

We’re at a stage right now where part of all this is simply about relaxing. I’m demonstrating to you that it’s possible to approach this sort of thing with an open mind. And that idea would upset many powerful people. You know that they virtually occupy the place of “Allah” in the souls of most of the west?

Whether they’re secular or not, this is how they proceed

Lurian cabalah broke from traditional Judaism by asserting that the Jewish People ought to perform for themselves those tasks which were traditionally assigned to Yahweh

That’s not my God. I respect a people that worships an actual god and not human beings, especially not merchant human beings. You can only think about it with your heart, and not with “business intellect”.

Precisely how they have managed to be a stronghold- wouldn’t hurt to look for something like this

there can be a class of “super readers,” expert historians or linguists who will be able to access the true meaning of a text

It’s times like these when I really reflect on the true nature of the left. When I was trying to learn about those slandered Buddhists earlier, or now, that’s what I see as “empathy”. In light of this it seems the left doesn’t have that as much as it merely follows trends which give the appearance of empathy. Like I said though, they do seem to “truly love Mammon” so I’m not going to accuse them of being altogether false people heh.

I think this is real in a secular way

passing a judgement upon him to the effect that he will dwell in the Hellfire forever.

If you sew your soul up with the world and you’re sour when people tell you about it then you’re already living in hell. And many of those you interact with and reinforce the illusion you’re not living in hell among will continue to live after you die, so you do dwell in hellfire forever in that sense.

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