I can never emphasize enough how humanizing a feeling it is knowing that I’ve weeded out the rot of my readers. The only way to know you’re speaking to equals is to be extremely cruel, that is the only way. The evil of the world invites cruelty. If you are not that way toward it you are living close to it and happy with it. I for one do not want any sort of demonic being near me whatsoever.

It’s a real phenomenon and you can only talk about it in a symbolic way. There are beings of the earth and beings of the air. I do not want to be near the earth-dwellers at all. You can think of it in terms of reincarnation, I think that’s more accurate that most frameworks. The earth-dwellers are behind by many stages of spiritual evolution. When you decide to flatter them they bring you back with them.

It’s easy to look at someone with a monobrow or something like that, a totally ugly person. It’s not quite the same when you’re talking about the ugliness of someone’s soul. The latter is more invisible, more disguised. The beings of the earth are a type of automaton. Their lack of freedom is part of what makes them ugly. Being in the air means being free, being closer to God.

I wish I could turn this site into pictures of National Parks, because I like that sort of thing. Problem is, no one talks the above so I have to keep mentioning it all the time. “The political order” revolves around erasing the distinction between people who are far from and near to God. In other words, it’s meant to impose the belief that “freedom” doesn’t really exist while simultaneously making you less free, i.e. further from God. It’s all about bringing the beings of the air to the earth where they turn into automata.

Sorry if this has “cruel” implications. I’m not going back to that evolutionary stage where I’m a biological robot. This is what all of the ugly wretched ones want, they scream out for it day after day year after year, generation after generation. Even the most refined ones do this, i.e. Hakka Chinese and Brahmin Indians. And! if you want to add a few Euro races to this you can use your imagination. They betray the fact that they’re beings of the earth in their leveling tendency. If they weren’t orcs they wouldn’t feel the need to do that. They prove what they are through their actions and words. You know this phenomenon of women claiming to be on birth control or something like that so they can get pregnant on purpose in order to eternally connect your lives in a sick way? If that happened to me with one of these orc-types I’d feel so cursed. And this is what they broadcast from every institution “Breed with orcs breed with orcs breed with orcs!” Have a cursed life in other words! Make no mistake, that is the state-religion- have a cursed life. God scattered the Hebrews because they were failed specimens, and now, we live in this spiritual trial, where they have universalized this anti-godliness.

They do not like the beings of the air. They are the most advanced beings of the earth. They want to pull you all down with them in their humiliating wretchedness, which pretty much every last Jew displays once you see past their brainwash. How humiliating it would be to be a Jew. It reminds me of black people that wear all kinds of gold chains except it’s more subtle. It’s niggers with lots of wealth, let yourself be fooled about this at your own detriment. More of them than you think are of the same spirit as Epstein and Maxwell. They express themselves in “socially acceptable” ways. They really do represent “Babylon” in the pejorative sense.

You want to know the sad fact that we’re dealing with now? If you’re not saying the kinds of things I am it is a sign that you are already halfway toward the mentality of a being of the earth. Only beings of the air speaks of these things. Most people have already been pulled down to jewville known as the earth. No, I haven’t even said the sad thing yet. They’ve been pulled so close to the earth that they hate anyone in the air who speaks of them in this way and makes it known what they are, the distinction between the two types of people. You are niggers, have a nice day.

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