This idea of “that which is” I like to contemplate. Most immediate to me about that which is is that I’m using an object known as a laptop to attempt to speak to beings who are not objects.

You might have forgotten that it isn’t allowed in real life. If you speak to people either as a Talmudist or above Talmudists you will pay the price. Ever tried it? It’s a crystallized fact to say “No, you haven’t.”

Go on and try. By the way, “feds” continue to give me these pop-ups involving McAfee telling me I’m guaranteed to be safe. It’s a particular sense of humor, you have to give them that. What is less talked about is the ones they’ve spiritually killed rather than suicided. There are plenty of goyim like that and it is a very somber reality.

Using an object (internet) to speak to potential subjects, that’s what I think is important. If you have any doubts about it you should just forget about them now- they want you dead if you question them, that is true. It’s better to put you in a torture-chamber. This is the reality of it. If you question Jews in a thoroughgoing manner you will be a “redacted” person, I’m just reminding you. And further, virtually all of the goyim will agree that was the right decision. This is the level of slavery they are on. Your existence is bought. Whether you’re farming grain in the field or detecting patterns in the stock market, you are a slave of the Jews.

Do you see me as a “veteran of the meme war” at all? I consider myself that way and I think I see things most people don’t. Being a shiksa for the Jews means that you will have offspring that are chained to evil. Take it however you want, that’s just how I see white women who follow the Jewish order. Mischlings are mired in being intrinsically bound with depravity and lack of guilt. Good job shiksas, now we have a generation of half-niggers and half-jews, it’s truly the best of humanity we can see growing up into the future.

Did you ever wonder about how rare life is in the universe? The planet we know of as “Earth” you freely give to these niggers known as “Jews”. I don’t think you care about anything. You have subhuman children and promote being less than human. I think that says something about you yourself. When I met you you were already not able to be saved. I’ve continued to use my object known as a laptop to contact anomalies, and those might not exist at all. It’s more accurate to refer to living in a Jew world as living in a subhuman world. “And we’ll never admit it.” I know, subhumans have trouble admitting that.

All the spirit in the west has been bought. There must not have been much there to begin with.

“I’ll prove to you I’m not a being of the earth!” I’ve been talking about these things for years and you never have, so why should I expect you to be able to?

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