While I’m sure it will strike certain people as blasphemous I’m looking at the Quran as a TV series, and lots of people are big fans of it

Could you even say what this TV series is about? What its real meaning is? I bet you couldn’t.

A significant number of people in the west could give you a basic spiel on the meaning of Buddhism, and yet only what, three countries are Buddhist-majority?

So tell me what Muhammad stood for. You can’t, can you. You don’t even know who to ask to guide you on how to properly interpret the Quran. You’re just too content with your freedumb and Happy Meals to care about any of that. Did you get a toy in the box? Probably on drugs galore too not to mention. Freedumb and numb. Why do I get the feeling I’m picking on a cripple? Now I feel bad.

Looks like some really brilliant people here, with refined tastes, if you ask me

I’m sure it’s all “good for ya” too, that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

You’re so much better than those Islamic countries aren’t you? It’s so clear.

I’ve noticed three things that often go together in a person- being a flatterer of Jews, being hostile to Islam without even knowing anything about it, and being a generally repugnant person. For some reason I doubt it’s a coincidence those three things often go together.

This is the kind of thing you find, translated from Hebrew

Two of the wisest Muslims in history, probably so distorted it’s not worth reading.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that women who are hostile to Islam without even knowing what its “TV series” is about tend to have qualities that even as recently as the 1980s would’ve made them regarded as similar to a prostitute or something like that. Can’t make this up. This is “where we are” in the west. I guess if you want to be that way, go for it. I was thinking earlier about Janet Jackson’s nipple. Remember that? I don’t know if that was “planned” or what, it just seems things started to change for the worse around that time. The shameless immodesty started to set in. People just can’t give up their shamelessness now, it’s sad. I don’t think they’re going to make it to “the light”. Tolerating the “culture” of people who spent thousands of years in jungles is probably the crucial thing that killed the US. It’s ironic that whites have appropriated their monkey version of the divine and see the Islamic version of the divine as the true monkey version of the divine. I’m not so sure about that.

Here’s another thing I wonder about, and I never see anyone ask this in a serious way

I feel like, if anything, they tend to reinforce our defunct belief-system. The “Great Satan” is strengthened through social media. It can only be expressed paradoxically- the godlessness is made more sacred. And in a way that would be impossible with real life alone. It’s like a meth pipe people use to affirm being a fallen ape.

I know I’m talking to a ghost ship. What else to do?

I’m just trying to relay my perception that it isn’t clear that the simple life of piety that you see in Islamic countries is inferior to our technological secular culture. I think we’ve gotten so free that we’ve freed ourselves from God, which is another way of saying we’ve freed ourselves from reality, we’ve lost touch with reality. All those countries on those maps above are still theistic in a way that Euro-people were not many years ago, and I think they can serve as an example that it’s still possible to believe in a higher reality. Most of the cringe circus you see in the west would improve if an Absolute were re-instituted.

This is an interesting book to see

I’m sure you have better things to do than try to fix the downward spiral known as the west, right?

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