A Croatian

He purports to understand this place from the perspective of a “cultivated European”.

This IS true about them, about us, isn’t it?

Perhaps because of America’s role as lone international superpower, Americans live in a rather self-absorbed, egocentric universe in which the opinions of non-Americans really don’t matter much.

This Tomislav Sunić spent half of his life under communism before moving to America, which he describes as a “soft totalitarianism”.

I’ve challenged people before to “make light” of one sacred cow or another and I’m not sure they’re able to do that in their own minds, let alone to other people

Elista’s favorite noted the same “joking attitude” about the Soviets. Is that here at all? I for one know for a fact that various high-profile people consciously tell “noble lies”. And I think they tend to believe that they ARE noble. Thus you won’t find them joking about them. Know the difference between old communism and this place.

How rare it is to see someone say this, it’s amazing

The Cold War was the left vs. the left. Let’s all stop pretending it wasn’t, please.

Let’s all stop pretending liberals vs. alt-lite types isn’t the left vs. the left also. Challenge! Impossible! All you posers out there.

This sort of thing has been going into hyperdrive during COVID, and if you haven’t noticed it’s because you are a product OF IT

first and foremost, the triumph of the left in Europe was accomplished via a purge and re-education of intellectuals, educators and media figures.

Trump might as well have been black, the effects that he had. He drove so many people to the far-left it’s crazy. Such a relatively gentle person too. They can’t tolerate even that.

Concept-creation noises

Really can’t put better what “it” is than that. Why call it “liberalism”? Americanism is its own thing. Judeo-Americanism is especially its own thing. And it’s definitely a “monotheistic” thing too.

Ugh, give me something pure, please. Nothing good exists in Judeo-American Monotheism. Something pure, where is it, let me have it.

What’s in store 20 years from now, I can’t wait

I know that this describes some people, this is funny

even if they create dark suspicions about the behavior of the organized Jewish community among a few and vague twinges of anxiety among many, these attitudes are forced to remain underground.

You should have more than a vague twinge of anxiety! It’s right there, all their scripture is about hating you and killing you, what else do you need?

We have such mature adults in this country, huh?

As one professor noted, “People might debate it if you gave everyone a get-out-of-jail-free card and promised that afterwards everyone would be friends.”

Total children everywhere. You should be embarrassed. Our most prestigious elders are holding a lollipop and wearing a propeller hat. CHILD!

Everyone knows I’m right too. What a failure of a country. You need to go to time-out, mister.

Anyway, recall how this post began. Yes, I have been talking about “Americanism”. What does that tell you? I think calling it “America” is a bit misleading at this point.

“The other half” – that explains so much of it too

Charles Lindbergh was exactly right in what he said, but a rational understanding of the correctness of his analysis cannot lessen the psychological trauma to his wife who must face the hostile stares of others. In psychological terms, the trauma is the result of implicit, unconscious processes stemming from our evolved psychology and a long history of successful socialization.

Can I really blame people for this? YES! Ha I’m messing with you. People are so powerless. You kind of just have to accept the ride through the sewer, and some people know how to pack some goggles.

Oh no, hostile stares and hysterical outbursts on social media from pieces of garbage, who fucking cares. This book tells me I’m perceived as a “sociopath” for this attitude. Yeah I guess I’m a sociopath for not wanting my people to be a sacrificial goat for a goal that is foggy to say the least. For what? I don’t see what the end-plan is besides planet of the apes. None of you can admit it. It’s just pure ethnic cleansing for its own sake at the end of the day. The morbid joy in destroying beauty. Who cares about first world civilization? That should all go away. Just because. The goyim is not the Jew’s bride, it’s the Jew’s whore, soon to be dead and thrown in a ditch whore. Your nuts are cut off, your tongue is cut out, and you offer the fate of your children to these people. Red white and blue, that’s what that represents. A loyal patriot to the bitter end.

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