Back to this untimely 20th century puzzle

When W. B. Yeats revised A Vision—almost making it a new work—he chose to begin the occult book with “A Packet for Ezra Pound.”

You can see the differences between the two editions here

Oh you bet Yeats knew all about the Shylocracy.

And looking at the fact above one might deduce that he was linking Pound’s work with A Vision. If they can be put side by side, I’d have to say A Vision is more perplexing than both the Cantos and Finnegans Wake. This is going to take some time to understand. Yeats links this work to another infamous text in the Introduction

I do not know of off the reservation scholarship on A Vision (well, that’s an oxymoron isn’t it?)

The few great souls of the 20th century left behind the crystallizations of their highest insights, they them behind for us. And people tend to not bother to care. Recall this post of mine to get an idea of what Yeats was about, the Yeats they don’t like to talk about. Both his mystical and political sides they tend to sweep under the rug.

Ohhh this can be helpful for understanding

Th ere are geometric and philosophical similarities between the gyres that would power the system of Yeats’s A Vision and the vortex of Vorticism… that was for Pound a powerful image of the interplay between individuals, historical events, and greater knowledge.

Representing the essence of human history geometrically.

Gyres ARE vortices, vortexes.

This is a double form of a double-gyre

So how does this relate to the Cantos you might ask. That’s a good question, I’m trying to figure that out.

Keep in mind Joyce’s use of Vico’s cyclical history in Finnegans Wake too- this was all “in the air” in those times

‘The mind, whether expressed in history or in the individual life, has a precise movement, which can be quickened or slackened but cannot be fundamentally altered, and this movement can be expressed by a mathematical form’ and this form is the gyre.

Double gyre, decline of the west, rise of China. A downward vortex within an upward vortex.

No I don’t feel like this right now, don’t worry

Once the west reaches the pinnacle of the spiral it then begins to reverse back

So much for time being linear. One of the two most defining features of Americanism for that Croatian from earlier is “belief in progress”. No, you’re going back, that’s a belief that’s untrue. The other feature he says is egalitarianism, another untrue, and connected belief.

Remember that Yeats was involved with the Golden Dawn for many years, so that’s another of his influences too. What did we see here the other day about the Kabbalists? That time is neither linear or cyclical to them.

This is another way he talks about it in A Vision

Yeats uses the cycle of the Moon’s phases as the visual symbol of the interplay between his two defining principles, the Tincturesprimary and antithetical, the poles of which are symbolised by the dark of the Moon and the full Moon.

It’s not occultism until you bring the moon into it, right?

How’s this for a symbol of “the phases”, if we were to make them one static image

Wake up from your own wake! Time for a New Moon. No, I don’t think we’ve hit the nadir of the gyre yet.

Click here to get an idea of what he means by “tinctures”- you’ll start to see what I mean when I said this is going to take some time to understand. It’s another project entirely to apply it all outside of the bounds of political correctness and to the present day beyond Yeats’ own time.

See, when I read this when I was young and naive I did not catch this at all

For diagrammatic ease, the gyres are usually integrated into cones in A Vision, and represented on the page as triangles.

Some people connect the gyres with chakras. This is about both the individual human and humanity itself. So what were those modernist writers about anyway? Yeats and Pound spent three winters in a stone cottage together talking about poetry and the occult.

Apply the double gyre to Vico and Joyce and then to Islam perhaps

The double cone of the double gyre rotates about the same center within a globe

It’s the year 1400 in Iran! For the Hebrews it’s 5781.

Starting to feel a bit schizo at all? That’s what I’m trying to do to your mind.

Now let’s look at what people usually know about Yeats, these lines

See how simplistic this looks in the text?

Some schizos have been working on this, I see

I often talk about /ourguy/ from various countries- this is /ourguy/ from Ireland.

You wouldn’t think about this stuff just reading that one poem of his.

One of the weirdest things about A Vision is much of it was written by his wife automatically, i.e. he considered her a certain medium. Over three years they created 4000 pages of automatic writing.

The first article I see on this subject

it allowed men to take all the credit.

I mean, shouldn’t the spirit get the credit? If we’re going to be technical here.

See why people try to sweep certain things about Yeats under the rug? He was serious about all this. He’s one of the major poets of the 20th century so who are you to question him?

This is interesting

They placed Pound at Phase 12 of the “Twenty-eight Embodiments.”

This sounds like the kind of thing I said yesterday about spiritual evolution and reincarnation. Some people have monobrows of the soul. You can depict civilizations and individuals at certain points in the double form of the double gyre. And many are definitely one with their fallen society, I’ll tell you that.

See, we can possibly appropriate his system and adjust it to the 2020s

This version of Pound focuses less on the individual and more on his generation, of which Yeats does not consider himself a part. (He had described his own generation as belonging to Phase 22.)

You can click around on this page for details about the Phases. They’ve put a lot of time into this.

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