Do you like how I jump from Islam to occultism? This is why there’s literally no place in the world for me. Think of how heretical this concept probably is to Muslims while it’s amusing to me

These two start from the very beginning and try to start their own religions in a way. Leary got that from Crowley, who got it from Nietzsche. Neech was possible after various Germans before him reasoned the Christian God into oblivion. Just so you get an idea where all this originates from. You can trace it to Winckelmann gawking at the Greek statues. The ancient idea of beauty in art.

So, I’ll try to explain. Both Athens and Jerusalem have a genuine form. In my view, the Shi’ists seem to embody the ideal form of Jerusalem in our current historical situation. Then there are people who are ideal Athenians. And that is not exactly tolerated by the Shi’ists. So that’s where I am personally. I’ve made quite a few posts now to demonstrate the irreconcilability of Athens and Jerusalem. Even the ideal form of Jerusalem is hostile to Athens. That’s just what we have to deal with, that’s a condition of humanity, the theological-political. In other words, among the Shi’ists it seems like a more friendly environment for Athenians. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, it just seems better than the one we have in the west. Certain people that follow my logic with all this, I don’t know what to tell you, we’re in a peculiar place, it isn’t easy to see what “God wants” so to speak. What I do know is that being in the west is not healthy for the spirit. A place where we can criticize it freely rather than be imprisoned by it would be healthy for the spirit.

It reminds me of something else from the book I quoted above

The rhythms will startle, and occasionally jolt, but they will also stimulate in ways that any serious student of Magick will recognise and appreciate.

Good luck saying this kind of thing in Iran. However, I have read that some of those monks in Myanmar practice alchemy. It’s really a matter of testing. I mostly give up on millennials, what I try to do is jumpstart the education of younger people. I hate to brag- I thought I was lucky for finding a couple thoughtcriminals when I was around 15. In retrospect, they were so far away from the truth. At least they gave SOME kind of guidance though. You’re in for a Promethean hell if you’re a 15 year old reading this. Maybe you should just stick with Ambrose Bierce and Vonnegut like when I was that age? Recall this post to understand certain dangers. Little brat needs to get out of here, in other words. Hopefully I’ve scared you far away by now. You think this is all a joke or something? Our most prestigious elders in our culture are holding lollipops and wearing propeller hats. They can’t deal with it, so I don’t expect a kid to. I don’t know what was going on in the frost of the far north, what I do know is that the Jew is a cringe-race and you’d do your best to be a spiritual expat if not a literal one. They’re vice incarnate. That’s a big market, there are lots of people who are into that. And that’s the secret of their business. It’s a reverse-initiation that they offer you, you descend to previous stages of spiritual evolution.

Anyway I think ideally one should be able to be open-minded to both Islam and occultism. Just by the way this random writer was talking I somehow knew he was connected with these Orders

Kenneth Grant, the head of the Typhonian O. T. O. and a personal pupil of Crowley, told me in a letter that DF and AC had had quite an extensive correspondence, though nothing of any real depth was touched upon, and the vast bulk has disappeared to America, or been destroyed.

It’s not a coincidence there’s not much secondary writings on Grant’s books so I appreciate seeing anything about him. He was fluent in the secret language of the Kabbalists. While I definitely don’t agree with him in many of his conclusions, that spirit is there that can be learned from. Any “Qabbalists” in general you should look out for, because that’s a sign of a “war in the clouds”.

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