This about some old Qabbalist, I haven’t met someone like this for a while

could give you the uncomfortable feeling that he could see right through you and beyond, and had been to places in spirit that we could scarcely imagine.

Surprisingly not many goys have written about this world religion’s mystical side.

This is a rare depiction to see

I haven’t found much of interest on the Heebnet. I suspect they have rules about uploading certain documents onto the public domain. In connection with that old “crucify a Christian child” holiday of theirs I quoted to you before someone saying that a lot of their “damning” materials they don’t have to worry about because they’re in Hebrew and pretty much only they speak it. So that’s one of the reasons Qabbalists are so valuable, and at the moment I’ve tasked myself with finding some obscure followers of Grant.

I saw a foreboding Yeats poem yesterday about the qliphothic tree- the leaves are blackened and the roots are covered in snow he said. Makes you want to stay away when you hear it put that way. You can easily get into “witchy” subjects with all this, and evil is very real.

Oh great, I just happened upon a bunch of books I don’t even want to click on

The first one I click begins by saying it’s for readers 18 and older. Uhh I’m pretty sure the orthodox “suggestion” is 40 years or older. What could possibly go wrong?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that these demonologists tend to use the mystical system of the Jews of all people? I showed you how Shahak said they used to be heavily into magic. That along with usury was practiced as evil things Christians and Muslims wouldn’t touch. Not to sound too tinfoily, I’m sure superstitious Yids have literally tried to put curses on me over the years.

These shells, or husks, are believed to be inhabited by demons, vampires, larvae, ghouls, succubi, incubi, etc., and ruled by dark gods and goddesses

It’s always this kind of disclaimer I see too

Postmodern ironic people probably laugh about this until it’s too late.

At the risk of being overly reductive, a more secular way to understand it is it’s the use of certain techniques to reveal parts of your subconscious.

Most people can’t even make it through the abyss, let alone the qliphothic side

That’s what exoteric religion is for. Stick with that.

Not to sound hubristic, I honestly believe the Jews’ system is limited and they are incapable of traveling certain paths. Then there are people like Shamir–and he’s an exception. One of them is giving me a greasy smile right now and hoping for the worst for me.

If the Iranians were smart they’d have a secret study center for these subjects.

Maybe this is what Halloween is supposed to be about

During invocation your mundane consciousness and your human senses are overridden by the summoned force, and what remains is the consciousness of the deity whose gnosis and power you seek in the process of initiation… It is a form of “possession,” in which you retain a certain degree of your normal awareness so that you can learn about the nature and powers of the summoned force

She warns it’s possible to be possessed not in a good way.

Are you prepared to cut yourself with a dagger and chant? That’s what she suggests.

The first qlipha is familiar to many people today- it’s the goddess of prostitution, of lust

Demonic children born from this union are called the Plagues of Mankind and are believed to lead humans away from God

Naamah is perpetually “invoked” in the modern world. Think of Yeats’ two-sided gyre as the sephiroth and the qliphoth. When I talk about “Weimar” I’m implying our culture is in many respects moving on a trajectory on the qliphothic vortex. This is at least in part consciously engineered by human beings. People hate me because I call a spade a spade- they all like to pretend they’re not in the qliphothic vortex. This witch I’m reading now teaches how to invoke and evoke Naamah. That was already done by other means back in the 60s.

While I hate to sound like a Nazi, studying the qliphoth I see many characteristics that Jews exemplify.

You can’t understand traditional Kabbalah without acknowledging their hostility to goyim. They followed sephirothic paths only in their dealings with other Jews.

The ones in English here, these are all only “nice-sounding” concepts on the surface

I’m not trying to be a “hateful” person, I’m only explaining a religion to you. Interpreting Kabbalah through a “universalist” framework is a mistake. It’s really interpreting Judaism through a Christian lens, which is foolish.

In their dealings with us the sephiroth might as well be qliphoth. Sure, there are some exceptions–not many. Often the qliphoth-invokers are so subtle that the tard-goyim don’t pick up on it. From the perspective of the Jews they’re doing good because they see YOU as a demon. You’re a leftover shell from creation imbued with a darkness-like light. Realizing all this is what it truly means to be “woke”- the liberals tend to just be qliphothized underlings of the Kabbalah-bloods.

Let’s go to the qliphothic version of Keter

the initiatory process of the Nightside is not revealed in full until the Initiate enters the Throne of Lucifer in Thaumiel. This is something that has to be experienced rather than read about or discussed as a theoretical idea only.

This is Samael conjoined with Lilith. She calls it a twin-god. And she notes early in this text that everyone has a personal way of going about Qabbala. I remind you that Shahak tells us Rabbis have historically prayed to Satan. I saw a doe-eyed goy the other day say the holy family couldn’t possibly be a crime family because they are incapable of sin. And… as extreme as that conviction sounds, all of the left that knows about the 109 and etc. believes just that more or less.

If you interpreted Keter as a qlipha you’d have a more accurate understanding in my opinion. For all intents and purposes, when you take into context the goyim and the world the Jews seek to rule, Keter is the throne of Satan. To not see it that way is to see it like a spiritually Jewish goy, i.e. a dupe who’s been conned by Satan. What is the esoteric meaning of that happy merchant meme anyway, did you ever wonder?

Yes, the old Christians had the right idea to be “”anti-semitic””

Return to the concept of “possession” I quoted her on above. This Qabbalistic witch says the final initiation involves being possessed by Thaumiel, BEING Thaumiel. This is a “Talmud-aware” understanding of Keter and the historical interaction with it by Jews.

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