Something possesses me to continue studying demonology. Is that okay with you? Nothing will happen, you won’t be possessed by a demon.

That witch from earlier, the way she writes it seems like she’s had authentic experiences. Yeats has a vision of phases of the moon as the waxing and waning of civilizations, meanwhile this witch sees the twin god of evil at the qliphothic Keter

Ordinary people tend to think magick is all made up, and when you read some of the literature of the practitioners some do seem to have had experiences of the supernatural.

Here is a statement from an expert on both systems he mentions here

Look at this model again

Now see what Rigaud says

Note that the Second Order, or second “pneume” plane is prior to the Abyss. And Bjerknes has an interesting model in this context you might want to take a look at

The normie Jews do not traverse the Abyss. Meanwhile, the “Christians”, i.e. goyim, dwell in the First Order below them.

The voodoo loa of Ain Soph is what I call their egregore which you can also interpret qliphothically as the twin god of evil which that witch above describes her experience of. Twin god, it’s an androgyne. Starting to make sense why our political order is ambiguously gynocratic. And if you scroll around that Elista forum you will see how they frequently speak of Jews as a “third gender”. The mysteries of the cathedral. Yes, let’s call it the cathedral like some idiot goys eh? Also this ties in with what I’ve referred to as the “rebalancing of courages”. You probably don’t think about all this when you hear the word “Yahweh”. And I quote that witch again in this context

I’m looking at that book that quotes Bertiaux now, because he is another one like Grant who’s fluent in the secret language of the Kabbalists

With the “shackles of gravity” you will not see what the Keter is like, you will not see their plans. One must venture to the blinding Ain Soph to see beyond their plans. And they tend to keep the goyim at Hod and Netzach.

Not all are drawn to this Kabbalistic breach of the cosmos.

If you breach humans, in particular the masters of humanity, you breach the cosmos.

Do you not like when someone does that? Because you like their Plan? Are you sure you’ve ever looked at their plan from the Ain Soph? Because if you did that then I’m not sure you’d trust it anymore.

This Qabbalist is getting dangerous

They are the Zombiemakers, the Zombiemasters who have subsumed their own Ti-Bon-Ange’s, that all of their creative imagination might be turned to the animation and installation of smothering darkness. They are consumed by revenge and retribution, their earthly days ingrained with the struggle for survival and conquest. Like the creature in Meyrink’s Der Golem, they are representative of their own ghetto spirit and consciousness

Meyrink, remember that was Evola’s go-to interpretation as they were smothering us in darkness in the 40s.

This is highly entertaining and insightful, you should check it out. I avoided it at first because of the tacky cover.

This is another way of thinking of those qliphothic demons that are invoked

Who are the Hoodoo? Well, if we start with Baca Bacalou’s Grimoire-transmitted through that eminent Chicago medium, the Reverend Michael Bertiaux, we’ll know they are the Super-Team composed of the transmigrated Atlantean Magi… Humans are infants in the Great Cosmic Nursery

They say they empowered William Blake

“Goyim and their distortion of our Kabbalah…” The Atlantean Magi precede your system.

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