Perhaps we can look at the double-gyre of civilization(s) in this way too

from the perspective of a theomorphic intelligence, there is no distinction between “Qlipha” and “Sephira.”

The traditional Hebrews believed demons were of God, that they were sent by God to fulfill some purpose. Beauty dies of beauty. The west was once an angel. The angelic artifacts can be used by others.

Still in that Lovecraftian qliphoth book from my previous post. It’s too bad it’s not this easy to free people from the state-religion

Here amidst the magical machines and character lattices he had left a list of each gholem created, its purpose and the words that would end its confinement, each one ending in the Hebrew Aleph.

The ones who put this book together have a few volumes. They seem like a real-life Lovecraft cult. That witch from earlier seems like one of their leaders. Can’t make this stuff up.

This is from a student of Bertiaux, who like Grant, interprets Lovecraft as nonfiction

Perhaps if I had continued only my Kabbalistic studies they would now swoop on extended wings, uttering the cry of the Serpahim or present themselves as alien intelligences. They did neither of these things, but silently passed in their fluid silver forms. They circled the air above me

If you study horror instead of or alongside Kabbalah then your mystical experiences will reflect that. Similarly if you spend a couple months studying Yeats rather than that witch… If you want to meet and TURN INTO the twin-god Lucifer/Lilith that’s your prerogative. You can use Yeats’ vision to interpret a witch like that. What part of the gyre is she in? What phase of the moon of personality leads one to want to be the devil?

I walked around and made a steak in between writing this post and I reflected on the craziness of the things I’m talking about when I started to continue focusing on it. People can grasp Lovecraft-esque Satanic occultism easier than they can grasp Islam. What does that say about us, I don’t know. That’s what interests me about Islam though- it is perceived as more evil than Satanism. You have to really put in a mental effort to understand it.


Grant and Bertiaux are into the UFO mythos too.

Whether you call them UFOs, or demons, or qliphothic entities, or Loa, or Magi, it’s probably necessary to have been “contacted” by them to escape the state-religion. You can’t just hear the words ending in Aleph and be snapped out of it, it isn’t easy. Then many get stuck at the Second Order sephiroth with the Jews. The egregoric light of creation emanates downward and the closer you can ascend to it the less confined you are to the state-religion. They believe in a botched thought-form, a filtered light. For many I think if I weren’t reminding them of this all the time they’d descend back to the Second Order. That’s another way of being stuck, needing an external reminder.

At this level the Loa can interact directly with the consciousness of the magician… and enables images and insights to arise spontaneously within the mind of the magician. This spirit vision also grants the ability to interpret reality in the way that the Loa do and so leads to a direct experience of the glowing threads of the bright web of consciousness

Pretty much everyone hates to see the way they do. They prefer the Second and Third Order light. I speculate that even our overlords are like this. Their need for absolute control betrays their insecurity. The only ones I’d want with absolute control are those who didn’t NEED it. Shepherds shouldn’t be as touchy as they are. It shows how fragile their authority is. And that demonstrates that there isn’t really a vast separation between us and them. If it was so obvious they should be the ones in the cultural control-room they wouldn’t be so paranoiac and jumpy about being questioned. It’s supposed to be a total secret. They aren’t afraid of ignorant mobs swarming them, they’re afraid of well-informed mobs. They’re bad at what they do, what else is there to say? The Chinese laugh at the country they occupy. They’re really laughing at the ones who are in charge of it.

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