Can you imagine what’s contained in these?

since cuneiform was first deciphered by scholars around 150 years ago, the script has only yielded its secrets to a small group of people who can read it. Some 90% of cuneiform texts remain untranslated.

“110” is all I’m going to say.

A clay tablet from 3800 years ago berates a merchant named Ea-nasir for delivering the wrong grade of copper ore with the question

How have you treated me for that copper?

He also asks “What do you take me for”?

This is in Akkadian, an extinct Semitic language. The parents of the one who translated the above–died in the hollycost.

How many of the tablets have been pulverized into sand I wonder

E. A. Speiser once said that Oppenheim had read more cuneiform than any other living person; his deep knowledge of Akkadian informed his discerning view of Mesopotamian daily life and culture.

There are about 500,000 tablets extant. So 450,000 have only been read by a select few academics, the type of people we know to be shameless stooges.

Oldest texts of India – 1500 BC
Oldest texts of Egypt – 2400 BC

Oldest texts of Sumer – 3300 BC

Why haven’t these been translated? Is this a joke?

No, it’s not the end of history. We still have so much to do.

What would these tablets reveal about this place? Wouldn’t “that” be funny?

Remember those HABIRU? The desert cut-throats? That was only 1800 BC. I was thinking, “How could it possibly go back farther than that??” And here we are. Talk about erasing history. “Wait a second wait a second it wouldn’t be good for the establishment of Israel and the WW2 mythology to translate those.”

Wow, 1500 years between Sumer and the Habiru. What happened then? Wow! Who knows. The voice of Hitler and Mussolini speak to you here. Hello.

This could explain some things about why they either ended up in or were kicked out of Israel in the first place. Ahh “kicked out of Israel” – now they kick everyone else out of their countries. What a healthy dynamic. There’s so much to be said about these people and no one ever talks about them, and if they do it’s in a “meme” sort of way.

Do you remember this post about 700 BC Babylon? The Agibi. Nimrod. This is truly an ancient mystery. Meanwhile, all the slaves can do is follow the “protocols”. You don’t want to solve this? Get your throat slit by the Habiru before you figure out what was going on before THEIR time. Who knows, maybe they were well-adjusted at one point, ended up getting in some trouble, and THAT’S what led them to being desert bandits? And the rest is history? I’d like to know, I’d like to explain America.

If you want to think of something weirder- have you heard of the Annunaki?

“No one knows why they wanted gold, no one knows how much was taken,” said Tellinger. He added that the Annunaki introduced the concepts of money, finance, and debt to human societies.

The Annunaki were not perceived as a “race” to the Sumerians, they were perceived as “sky gods”. Did they trick innocent if idiotic people of the desert into believing they were gods so that they could plunder them? None of these questions you’re going to see in any institution. It’s because our institutions are beholden to “gods”. The hollyhoax could’ve allowed them to pull the same scam 5000 years later. To the Hebrews it’s year 5782 – who knows what Kabbalists these days know about ancient history? “Yeah let’s keep those tablets untranslated for now.” Conned by a people that screws you over again and again, and each time getting even better at it. Hakka, beware!

They’ve ruined your mind so bad you probably have the thought to criticize ME before saying anything against them at all. Over the years this is the tendency I’ve seen. Defend your gods against their enemies so they don’t have any trouble plundering your gold. Goyim are extremely intelligent let me tell you. Not niggers at all.

Simpler times, they need to be more subtle nowadays

I already know the goyim all too well at this point. They’re their slaves.

For those who aren’t, that seems like another noble task of the many I’ve mentioned so far- learning how to translate those tablets.

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