That Lynn writer refers to a certain “Sumer-mania” and I’m surprised I haven’t gotten that yet. Never too late. From the MENAnet

They claim cylinder seals going back to the 3000s BC were stolen. If they hide the Habirus (1800s BC) why wouldn’t they hide their even more ancient presence? There could have been “WMD” in the form of history in that museum.

An Iraqi confirms that marine’s account

The theft of cylinder seals was organized theft, because the way they were stored was tight, and in a hidden place, and that there were a number of shelves impeding movement, in the midst of complete darkness, there must have been someone who knew the way to them, and the thief knew exactly where it was.

I just have a hunch some things were stolen for ideological reasons rather than the price they could get for them on the black market. You might have to visit there, they seem to have an idea of what exactly was stolen

This is another obscure crime about the Iraq War. The other startling one I posted about a while back was all the academics and scientists that were killed.

It’s like, wut

Artifacts are one thing, how about people that might’ve understood the meaning of those artifacts?

There was a forgotten purge of intellectuals there, similar to the Bolshevik killings.

Let’s forget about what was stolen for now and focus on what remains. It seems some Arabs are antiquarians about Sumer the way some in the west are antiquarians about Greece.

Let’s just call them Jids, that’s their real name.

So this guy is claiming that “Sumer” itself is a fabrication

the usury traders established for themselves the religion of Judaism… One of their hidden methods was to create new names for the same people.

This Arab (if we can call him that LOL) claims that Samuel Noah Kramer–who happens to be from the Pale–wrote a bunch of fictitious books about Sumer which are considered authoritative. Remember the other world-renowned expert from yesterday? Just so happens to be another Jid in shoah business.

So he believes not only the west is tricked, that the modern-day “Sumerians” themselves are

the professors and heads of the department are all Zionist Jews who falsify history and grant their students a doctorate in falsified history. And not only in the West, but they also study Kramer’s forged history in Iraq and all eastern countries.

Eerie to think that people on the MENAnet tend to be a lot more wise about the JQ than westerners because they spent THOUSANDS OF YEARS with them. This Arab says much historiography of ancient Mesopotamia is distorted for Zionist purposes.

George was the director general of that Iraqi museum

An Arab is speculating about something similar to what I was yesterday

And the secrets of this relationship between (Al-Ananuki) and the Jews are found in the manuscripts of the Iraqi Jewish Archive and in the antiquities and treasures of ancient Iraq! 

He says this is among the reasons for the occupation of Iraq. It is pretty odd that only TWENTY DAYS after “we” arrived there the museum was looted. Note that we formally withdrew all the way in December 2011. So within the first 20 days of an over 8 year occupation THAT was one of the first things on the agenda. I’m not going to say a name… the Goldsmith dynasty we’ll say wanted certain artifacts.

Okay, I’m going to say something crazy, try to bear with me for a second. David Icke wrote his book about the Sumerians in April 2001. I don’t know if people started to get an interest in that around that time or what. Yes, the David Icke who writes about interdimensional reptiles. While I might not agree with him about that aspect, he seems to be thinking in the right direction at least. If Jews are human, they’re pretty weird humans that are distinct from all the rest.

Sumer, according to official “history”, was the start of human “civilisation”, but, in fact, it was merely the re-start after the Atlantis upheavals.

The Epic of Gilgamesh speaks of a great flood. So do various other ancient texts from around the Med.

Hebrews themselves believe they survived the flood. What do you think Noah is? If he’s a fictional character then he’s at least a symbol of that.

All I want is the translation of those remaining Sumerian tablets. Further! Some Arabs I find claim that the ones already translated are deliberately distorted. So, I’m not drawing any crazy conclusions, I just want to know what’s contained on those tablets.

Heh it isn’t even Jews for Icke (I’ve avoided him til now), he says many strands of these “reptiles” were the Normans. I don’t know buddy, I think the real “reptiles” would make it so talk about them is illegal. Writing a book involving Sumer and not even being able to accuse “them” of being reptiles, hmm…

Okay I have to ex out of that Icke book, way too tinfoily. It very well could’ve made the overlords paranoid though.

Whatever their role in Sumer, it’s funny that the leftists want any questionable activity hidden as well because that would jeopardize their ruling-caste. 450,000 tablets of the earliest writing of humanity- they wouldn’t care if that had to be hidden. All that matters to them is unrespectable people continue to be respected. And falsification of history in general is necessary for that project.

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