This was so recent, and such a bad time for it to happen too!

The first serious excavations at Ur were made after World War I by H.R. Hall of the British Museum, and as a result a joint expedition was formed by the British Museum and the University of Pennsylvania that carried on the excavations under Leonard Woolley’s directorship from 1922 until 1934.

You can hold it against me or not for bringing this up all time- it’s for ZIONIST reasons that the origin of civilization is obscure to us.

Their historiography relies on an ex nihilo–i.e. “out of nothing”–conception of their origins.

The Sumerian city of Ur is located ten miles west of the Euphrates

So if everything between the Nile and Euphrates is theirs apparently how do they explain this civilization that existed thousands of years before them?

You frequently see this theme in genealogy. People place “beginnings” in history that are often arbitrary, and taking a step or two back causes an existential ungroundedness.

Here’s something that’s interesting in this connection

I bet you’ve never had that thought- “Abraham was a Sumerian.” That’s likely by design.

If much of the Old Testament copied older Sumerian stories then that makes the Hebrews seem like a derivative kind of people, i.e. not so special, and not so deserving of a special status.

What is not often perceived is that the Jews had at their disposal a vast store of creation and other myths wholly unknown to us, from which they borrowed selectively.

I know a lot of people talking about Israel and think it has no relation to the west. Some, like Bjerknes, have convincingly theorized that them wanting their own country was why we had those world wars. And our current belief-system is a result of those world wars. And there are still shady things out there we don’t know about in history due to them wanting their own country, Sumer being one of them. Why am I even saying this to you? I want to know about the origin of civilization, that doesn’t need any justification. Why is almost all of it still in cuneiform, why are the main scholars of it Israelites? It seems obvious. Sumerian mythology is proto-Judaism and all you probably know about it is the Epic of Gilgamesh, IF you even know what that’s about. They want to plant the image in our minds that “in the beginning” they we dwelling on the shore of the Med there. The Habirus put that into serious doubt, and their presence in Sumer would put it into even more extreme doubt. The strength of Zionism relies on historiography, not just recent (WW2), also ancient. They don’t want you to think about the “ancient ancient”.

I suspect this is a case of “only knowing the sequel”. So… tell me about this famine that Abraham fled from? Is that “first book in the series” in those tablets? Was it in those cylinder seals stolen from that Iraqi museum? Those fearmongering pictures they showed us of Saddam were merely the latest manifestation of a war that’s been going on for 6000 years? If not more? Is there something shady about what they did before the deluge too? Noah escapes one screw-up, Abraham escapes another, Moses escapes yet another, time after time until we’re dealing with the German-Ashkenazim “Noah-ists” who escaped the Pale. What’s the real story of Sumer? Where to even look, I keep finding the same scholars the Arabs warned me about.

I mostly only find sci-fi sorts of takes about it so far

They found the relatively simple indigenous Earth survivors left after the Great Flood easy material to genetically transform into obedient gold mining slaves to work in the gold mines. These simple-minded natives, the “Lulus”, had their 12-strand DNA reduced to only 2 strands, allowing them just enough intelligence to receive work instructions, but with limited mental abilities to disobey.

These are some good questions!

Why is the biblical story of the flood a plagiarised version of the Sumerians’ recollection of it? And why was it included?

Do those tablets contain a different account of the deluge from the Hebrews’? For all we know there are some that depict parrot-beaks with inscriptions like “They did it! They destroyed Atlantis! They destroyed Sumer too!” And those ones are looked upon fondly in some secret collection. Seriously though, I’m not joking, I want those translated.

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