Isn’t this a funny statement to see

we can really consider a possible definition of the Philosopher’s Stone

I’ve defined it before, people just don’t like the definition. And once you know what it is you need the discipline to use it properly. And people are lacking in that department. In this age of abundance anyone could use it and they prefer to focus on trivialities instead. And a further barrier is that they read something like this and think “He can’t possibly be serious.” I am, it’s real.

Neither of these two have the definition right

This is where the discipline side is crucial though, because you need to conscientiously study writers like them to be able to use the philosopher’s stone properly.

Once again, this isn’t the fantasy genre I’m writing in right now. People just aren’t able to hear it. The fact that I’m being serious.

Jung uses the obvious symbol of a diamond. And that’s ONLY a symbol. The reality is that it’s infinitely more precious than a diamond. Still, that’s the best symbol that we have.

Jung says it’s only per gratiam dei that alchemical transmutation can take place, i.e. by God’s grace. That is right. For one, the real definition of the philosopher’s stone will be dismissed unless you were created by God as a certain kind of person. For two, similar reasons will lead you to having the right discipline required to use the stone.

In most cases you probably need to be a self-motivated autodidact. In the same way that Christianity shunned alchemy through the ages, Science does the same thing today. A diamond you can touch with your hands and look at with your eyes, so that is a “palatable” (heh) symbol to those with the scientistic attitude. You can look at and touch the philosopher’s stone too. The senses are just not the main way to appreciate it. In fact I don’t really like touching it and looking at it, it’s definitely not a diamond. In fact it doesn’t smell that great either. Nonetheless, it is what it is- infinitely more precious than a diamond.

The idea is that you have to first be a living philosopher’s stone to even use the actual philosopher’s stone properly. There are probably niches in certain institutions that allow you to exercise your spiritual faculties without gathering “lead” in your “psyche”. The problem is that institutions act like a magnet, drawing in the best minds, and often they have an effect of “leading down” the members of them. The philosopher’s stone has a name and I’ve purposely avoided saying it. If you’re part of the world you can’t hear what it is, it’s that simple. I am free of the scientistic attitude, I am free of “law”, and I’m free of concern about rabble-perception, and all this is required to hear and speak of the alchemical substance par excellence.

I’ve always been drawn to Bataille’s idea that most activities turn us into objects. The kinds of people God’s grace has given minds capable of alchemy to tend to be “lead” into being objects in institutions. Just a random example- if you teach youth about the Frankfurt School then you are one of the state’s objects. And it takes a special kind of mind to understand that School. That’s the kind of mind that COULD HAVE pursued alchemy, perhaps.

My point is that if you’re lead and you use the philosopher’s stone you will continue to be lead. I’m not here to be a “sensitive” person, I’m only addressing “initiates”.

If only you could see the sludge that I see. The lead that weighs them down.

There’s an irony here, because many in institutions who take on the lead of the world are themselves practicing a type of alchemy. In our time they are attempting to turn the souls of POC and women into gold. There IS a certain kind of sludge that gathers when you do that. It’s just my perception, you can take it or leave it- I think it restricts people from practicing alchemy proper. You know Mike Rowe cleaning septic tanks and stuff? They will definitely deny that there is something similar there. What you have to sacrifice to practice that type of “alchemy”- you turn into lead yourself. To me that’s undeniable.

These people too are so misguided

“goa-uld” – heh. Virtually every sector of our intelligentsia is restricted from alchemy, each for its own reason. I also am “leaded” in my own way, as a result of challenging these people. There might be some who have lived vicariously through my challenging of them and are able to thus avoid the penalties of doing so. Those ones might not be leaded and could possibly use the philosopher’s stone properly, if they know what it is.

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