The 20th century Zenmaster’s judgment

And Corbin is regarded by many as the western “Sufimaster”. He also studied Swedenborg for years. So this seems like an organic jump from my previous post.

Okay this sounds interesting

He speaks of a “psychocosmic” mountain which is the homeland of the Djinn. Here is the Farsi word for this mountain – قاف‌کوه‎. Sohravardi aims to go beyond it to the ninth sphere, or sphere of spheres which contains all of the cosmos. You saw in the previous post the northern pagans also believed in the nine. So here we’re speaking approximately of the Islamic version of the “Ain Soph”. Ever wondered what those turbaned Sufis were on about? Corbin says it’s incorrect to think of it as a “where”, because like the diamond I mentioned as the symbol of the philosopher’s stone, to speak of a “where” is to use the five senses- going beyond this psychocosmic mountain is to depart from the “where” itself.

This isn’t too “exotic” really, we used to have something similar

“Rangordnung” isn’t such a dirty word when you think about it this way. Equality seems like the devil when you consider that with it the higher spheres do not exist and thus no one will attempt to ascend to them.

What is this! Talk about “adjusting” the system.

Different conceptions of the spheres

This Arabic word, عالم الملكوت, apparently corresponds with Plato’s concept of the forms interpreted through Zoroastrian angelology. Here is how it’s depicted on google images

Just normal stuff to see

The anthropomorphized “Ideas”

You might think the philosopher’s stone is for perceiving this without symbols. No, experience is symbols. If anything it will show you more accurate symbols, and that’s what discipline and study is for. Though if you saw something resembling angels I doubt you’d be thinking “These aren’t accurate symbols.” I will say though that all these depictions I’m seeing strike me as blasphemous. It’s not a diamond, it’s not a where, and it’s not these pictures.

Corbin says we in the west dismiss anything like this as “fantasy”

the cognitive function of the Imagination is ordered to it; it is a world whose ontological level is above the world of the senses

There’s a difference between having a vague openness to this on the one hand and being a base matter type that is a hissing dumpster opossum on the other. Being vaguely open to it is necessary for experiencing it directly. If I were experiencing it myself I wouldn’t be able to write about it right now- I’m between the two worlds in a sense. Only once you’re there and not closed-off to it can you begin to ascend the spheres.

This is all very political, I hate to tell you. The doctrine of equal rights has a way of flattening all the spheres into this one material one we’re in.

I think of Rilke’s first elegy

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on what I’m implying about the left here.

cough Elimination of white people is elimination of terror which is elimination of beauty.

Corbin’s teaching me a lot, I’m mostly only familiar with the rationalistic currents in Islamic philosophy

The death of god in the west could probably be explained in part by the gradual wearing away of the imaginative faculty. And that’s probably linked with the undeniably breathtaking majesty of the technology we’ve developed here. When all that works like clockwork we feel like gods and don’t need to imagine anything higher than us.

So THIS is a taste of what’s really going on with the spirit of Iran

Neither the tales of Sohravardi, nor the tales which in the Shi’ite tradition tell us of reaching the “land of the Hidden Imam,” are imaginary, unreal, or allegorical

It’s not something our scientistic attitude is able to grasp, which probably explains a lot of “our” hatred for them. I hope that their Hidden Imam returns and does judge all the ones so far from God and the celestial spheres.

He hasn’t even gotten to the Swedenborgian connection yet- putting it in more western terms will probably help understand it even better.

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