I’m going to have to go with the classic on the phenomenology of mysticism, one of the ones that got me into all this about a decade ago, Rudolf Otto’s chief text

Some of these books I haven’t read for a while, so sometimes I just begin at the beginning in order to explain to you as well as myself why they’ve stuck with me over the years.

Here’s something from the outset

the feeling which remains where the concept fails

Otto is not an “irrationalist” by any means, he tries to go about the subject as scientifically as is possible with such a subject, and he does it pretty well in my opinion.

While it’s very difficult to describe exactly what the Sufis mean by the “ninth sphere” there is a feeling there that invites me to at least attempt to describe it. I think only poets can truly describe it. Most of us can just kind of lean back and nod our heads agreeing that we’re aware that something like that indeed exists. And sometimes we do have a moment of inspiration when language to express it crystallizes. I’m fond of the Hindu concept of neti neti- no, not that, no, not that, continually negating attempted articulations of what it is. If you’re talking to a real poet, which is probably the rarest type of person on earth, they will be able to say what it is, and you won’t feel the urge to say “No, that’s not it”. That’s someone like Muhammad apparently- he knew what it was.

Otto refers to it as the Numen ineflabile which he contrasts with the Ratio aeterna, the latter of which he suggests we study before attempting to study the former. In other words, the book in question is about “the ineffable” by someone who first studied the rational and articulable. So again, don’t think he’s some door-to-door Mormon or something, he tried to understand it scientifically and he couldn’t.

I feel mischievous when I bring up the concept of the Hidden Imam here. Just a feeling you can’t explain. I’ll just go ahead and say it- it’s like a Muslim call to Hitler. I’ve tried to explain this “feeling” many times. It’s nice to find a people that has something like that, and that’s their religion. I wonder why they’re so hated? I think of that one Iranian from CCRU and I wonder if he knew the first thing about middle eastern occultism, or was he too afraid to say it? CCRU was kind of a rightist psyop ultimately because it was so “diverse” that it got leftists interested in later developments, we’ll call them. Ohh there are layers and layers of understanding they try to hide. The “real CCRU” has never been tried. Discourse about the “overman” I haven’t seen for years, that’s the real test of a higher golden dawn grade, and no one can pass it. Instead of being a shill for the Jewish Order and being a BLM activist, just one time mention the Übermensch. You can’t do it. If it is mentioned at all (which it virtually never is) it has to be filtered through leftism. This is why I call you bad names, because you don’t understand the true meaning of life. You’re supposed to be better in the next life, simple as. There are ways to do that, and they’d rather follow the kike plan of being MORE of a monkey in the future. You are played. And callousness about the fact that you are played is part of being the hopeless ape that you are. The reason the concept of the Übermensch is such a tumbleweeded landscape is that it is the diametrical antithesis of the leftist ethos. Yes, it’s a fact, you’re entire project is about the untermensch and you try to hide it. I feel the urge to put the Irish on the spot in particular. Enslaved by the British, always will have a chip on their shoulder about these things. Are you sure it was the British, have you really looked into that? Are you sure you aren’t enslaved once again by a different people entirely? I like how boisterous the Irish can be, they won’t a knock a Jew out though for some reason. I’d like to watch that. Bellicose, that’s the word. Don’t worry, when I talk about “Iranians” and “Irish” and “Jewish” I’m only talking about “one humanity”, we’re all the same, just forget about it.

Or! Every people believes in a different “god” essentially. Could you ever entertain the possibility? Remember, think of Otto- it’s just a feeling. Whether you have a concept for it or not. Nope, I’m not Mexican. Nope, I’m not French. Do I have a concept to explain how I see those people? I’ve tried to describe the French quite a bit. At the end of the day it’s mostly just a feeling though. And I don’t think it’s a wrong feeling either. I guess that’s what they call “racism”. And I certainly do not plan to live in a JEWISH country without saying anything against it, because the Jew seems like some kind of previous instantiation of evolution that’s bought its way to the top through various means. I’m not letting a monkey tell me what to do. Nice star, or silly hat or whatever, I see what you are. You seem like some kind of animal. And you bribe people to make sure no one knows about it. That’s a typical nigger. Verbal IQ? You can’t even have normal conversations with people who disagree with you. You’re an over-sensitive old lady, how sad.

I really do care about neech, he might as well be the “twelfth imam” to me. The Übermensch and the Pale are directly connected. I don’t care if 10,000 academics disagree with me. They’re all bought by the monkey that bought its way to the top. Tell me about the Pale, maybe I’ll stop seeing you as some kind of nigger. Otherwise that’s unlikely. So it’s only a murmur in your soul, a “feeling” as Otto says. And I’m not sure Jews have that. They want control of the world, that’s the only thing they care about. The only “guilt” they could ever feel is about not having control. They don’t care what the world is like, they only care that they control it. And that’s called a monkey with a flawed Kabbalistic system. “Can’t you see how powerful we are?” Yeah and what do you do with that power? Your citizens are failed people. All you do is try to spruce them up so they don’t see themselves that way, and you do that because you are a failed people too.

With your five senses alone you wouldn’t be able to deduce any of this. I’m done pretending it’s just a “feeling”. It’s a fact- people who have been kicked out of dozens of countries are now in control of ours and it’s clear why they were kicked out of the others. They are not the chosen people. Chosen to ruin your country, that’s the only way they’re chosen. How many more times will the goyim be a crutch of theirs before we realize it simply isn’t true?

It’s no different from the CCP- if you question them you will be removed from society in one way or another. Is the CCP doing what’s best for China? There’s nothing beautiful in the US. The citizens seem to be clearly botched experiments. Don’t worry, it’s “just a feeling” that both Jews and their citizens are niggers. Just a feeling.

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