What is the meaning of life? My instinctive self always tells me it’s getting a special girl pregnant. Probably. What else though? There has to be more than that in life?

This is how a Pakistani article describes the prime minister of Afghanistan who was “sworn into office” yesterday

He has no military background but is a religious leader and is known for his character and piety

Good symptom if you ask me. Seems like the opposite in Myanmar. Still, “things are happening” in other parts of the world, people are freeing themselves from the NWO. That’s the meaning of life in my opinion, and the rest follows from that. Special girl? They’re all half-NWO at best, then you’ll have children born to servitude. At least Afghanistan and Myanmar are deciding their own destiny.

I always think another secret driver of people is “vacations”. They’re good little zogglings so they can have vacations in exotic locations. What if you wanted to take a vacation from being a cog in the US empire? What are people willing to sacrifice so they can do this a couple times a year?

I feel like I’m really seeing into people’s minds with this.

If the tour-guide there, say, made a joke about the Great Satan you would have to still be guarded. So in a sense you’re not really taking a vacation. I hate to just ruin people’s lives by saying this. What are you gonna do though?

Take NWO girl with you to the clearwater beaches… Try not to cackle like the Joker when you think about that.

When I think about the “meaning of life” that’s the general direction though. I know the rabble because the rabble lives in my mind as well, and that’s what it wants.

If you think about that most basic of philosophical questions too much you won’t fit into normal society, that’s all I’m trying to relay to you.

Going to a beach with a special girl, why is that so impossible? Then women reading this probably cope about it. “Just because I’m a cog doesn’t mean I can’t be special!”

The Taliban didn’t put up with that shit

Check out Myanmar

People living in a place like this imprisoned their occupation government?

And look who they freed

All the good things are happening on the other side of the world.

Remember how I was showing you maps like this the other day?

They stopped making these. I don’t see one that’s just a solid block of Taliban control.

Meanwhile, a few countries to the east- think our “CIA” is involved in this?

Neither of these places is reported on in a satisfactory manner in English, obviously.

Life is so meaningless here, people are so docile they might as well be dead. Who here even has the ambition that would lead them to being dealt with in the following way?

Is something like this too much to ask?

Here’s the FBI’s most wanted list

The white guys on this killed a few people, that’s it. We don’t have anything resembling a “heroic supervillain” whatsoever, and it’s so sad. Where can we get one of those?

I want to be musing about these things with a special girl on a beach. Life is stupid otherwise.

It’s not even an exaggeration. The meaning of life is to overthrow these goblins.

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