This is the Real. It’s a conversation about religion. That’s the only time you can talk about the Real. All else is chatter. Do you like to have a talk about the Real?

“We keep the Christians and atheists shut up, and we’re slowly working on the Muslims.”

So you DO want to talk, that’s a change in pace.

And Christians and atheists both catch my irony here. “What do you mean, I don’t know who you’re referring to when you speak of people who make sure others are silent.” So you’re not ready to talk about the Real then.

You want to pretend this isn’t a conversation about religion?

Let’s just cleave through one of the main illusions here- the kind of people I am speaking to here do not believe in “religion” in the usual sense of that word. Religion has always been something for the rabble. Within those rabble-religions there have been minorities who have had their own beliefs outside of that. This is true to the present day with secularism. One might think of twitter’s Jack who very likely does not believe in the prog religion in any naive sense.

Nonetheless, I emphasize this is a conversation about religion. Because we ARE the rabble-majority that we emerged among. Each minority has “its people” that it emerged among. And they’re one with us.

All this to say, if you want to talk about the Real, our respective majorities will not be very happy with us.

You have to wonder then why I do that. It’s pretty simple. I want to talk about the Real.

The minorities are not free, they carry the traces of the majority they emerged from. When I say it is a discussion about religion I am implying it is a discussion about certain types of people, which you ARE. That’s why it’s Real. Those who descend from the Christian religion tend to be slaves of Jews, while those who descend from the Islamic religion tend to not be slaves of Jews. Is that something you don’t like to hear? The only ones who don’t demonstrate some form of hysteria when presented with this fact are the Muslims.

The “Christians” do what they’re told, their “Saints” are the Jewish people. It isn’t that way in the Islamic world.

Take a step back for a second. Your “Saints” are merchants and usurers who probably bought your belief in them. Your “Saints” are people whose scriptures recurrently revel in the idea of killing you. Something tells me that Christian-descended people are… special ed. Is there any easy way to say that?

This leveling operation we see today is not the first phase of it. Who knows how many generations they’ve been doing this. What can be known is that white christians are extremely stupid and pretty hopeless, and unable to admit they’ve been played. I invite the minority from Christian-descended peoples like myself to study a religion that is not so doomed. Your best option is Ruby Ridge and that’s not even an option. You can be content being a happy slave that looks down at the ground and mumbles, or figure out how to live with people of a religion that literally funds missiles to fire at these people. The choice is clear to me. Do you ever talk about the Real? If you never do, I think that says something about your ontological status in this world of souls, and I only try to help in showing there do seem to be places one can talk about the Real. There are places in the middle east that are like that Sufi idea of a realm between earth and angels.

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