So good that this is just a personal journal of mine. All my heroes, all the “living angels” who have led me to these conclusions do not exist of course.

You’d look like a stereotypical paranoid conspiracy theorist if you started to… What? No one knows.

I advise you to reflect on the very nature of a “real Antiversity” in this context.

There were no Professors involved in this.

These old men as I see them. You never expected your very own ideas to emerge here in these ways that would mean your death. Your death in many senses! There are at least five main ways of “dying”.

Like I said though, I’m in my 20s, for the moment, and I do see various elders as our form of angels, and they sometimes try to speak of higher realms beyond them too.

Can they do it? I really question that. And I say that to them with the mind of a naive youth. What is it like being two-thirds of a century? I can’t grasp that. I think old people should try to talk about that experience.

The main thing of course is you’re a Jews’ slave. Are you even able to reflect on that? Kiss a cross or something to feel better.

We in the Antiversity have to deal with boomers, and we should try to mention how Jewish they are. We have departed from the “press” and we’re on the internet.

“They’re on the internet too!” Who is “that”? Why haven’t you ever admitted you’re part of the jew-nigger plan manifesting itself on the internet? “Because I’m a Jew-Nigger.” I could tell.

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