This is how Moshe Idel, who many consider Scholem’s chief successor, begins his latest publication- good sign

I started sniffing around (not in the Biden sense) that witch’s books again and then I thought maybe I’ll just go with the more orthodox variety instead.

Idel explicitly frames this study as a Straussian interpretation of the Kabbalist named in the above quote. Idel definitely has one of those faces that tells me he likes a bloody matzo with a nice chianti, so I’m going to have my reservations. Wait, they all have that face, don’t they- my mistake.

What you have to understand is that goyim are so lazy and unable to “read good” that there’s virtually no problem with publishing secrets. Still, Shahak informs us that Scholem was a LIAR and I don’t expect his disciple to be much different.

Carrying on though, this might tell us something about their relation to Islam

the true “secret” (sod) of the imagination is indicated by another one of its anagrams: demon. The imagination is demonic. It is Satan!

Imagination = dimyon = demon = Samael

This is what the anagram looks like

Just hopping around in this study, I think Idel is hinting here that he isn’t a fan of this

the violent imposition of monotheistic faith on the Jewish population by what he calls “the Jewish elite”

He says they suppress organic development

persecutors who suffocated the “true” natural religion

He points to another study of his where he fleshes this out musing on Eliade’s perception of the organic culture of pre-literate Romanian peasants. Think Idel is hinting about anything here? That’s up to your “imagination”. If you ask me, they spent too much time in Eastern Europe- N/W/S Euros have a different constitution and they unreflectively lump all goyim under the same umbrella. These pathetic co-ethnics of mine certainly adjust to the way they’re treated though and happily play the role (and not only “play”) of the Slavic peasant. Oh sorry, is that offensive in multiple ways, my bad.

Idel doesn’t mince words about what old Leo was up to

While Eliade mainly focused his research on more popular and folkloric material, Strauss, on the other hand, was concerned with decoding hints found in elite speculative literatures.

Exo/eso is the enterprise of elites- you never hear it expressed that way though.

He confirms a rangordnung I’ve noted before

In some cases, this essential type of esotericism [Kabbalah] is more connected to the feeling that there are supernal mysteries that are understood to be related to a reality that is difficult to understand or intuit. Political esotericism, by contrast, deals with issues that can be explained to any intelligent person.

Did your eyes happen to glaze over when I was talking about angelology yesterday? There’s your sign.

Huh, apparently Scholem is similar to the Sufis in that he sees the “core of reality” symbolized by a mountain too.

This is how Idel describes Abulafia- okay, this is epic

In these writings, political esotericism is coupled with an entirely different type of esotericism: eschatological esotericism

The Moshiach, the Hidden Imam, Bitcoin, the Übermensch, sounds like a bunch of crazy people if you ask me! Let’s just go with the OLDEST one, huh? That must make you the least crazy. Right right.

While everyone knows this image, no one ever DOES it themselves, because in truth it’s illegal to do it

I’m up for attempting to synthesize the eschatologies, personally.

What could this be about

Less prominent in Abulafia’s writings is the third type of esotericism: the essential one, which is conditioned by the relatively ineffable nature of the object of discussion or experience. In Abulafia’s case, what he considers to be the true divine name is, although hidden in a variety of other names, not ineffable.

Idel says that eschatological esotericism is expressed through gematria.

What I think is that the idiot goyim and the just-as-lost normie jews should just avoid this and practice a normal religion. “I’m a big kid, I can do it!” No, I doubt you can.

Unfortunately, the dialectic of consciousness in the west is at a phase where a return to traditional forms of worship is akin to gluing googly eyes on the Forms. Then on the other hand they can’t approach them as impersonal either. It really is a type of purgatory that they’re in.

If you think about it like this again-

The Christian-descended secularists continue to have an eschatological anticipation of the messiah, and that has been modernized into Equality. They believe in a “Form”. The problem is, notice where they are in the above scheme- the “light” is filtered on a few levels. This is what Equality is- it’s a dim form. Similarly you can extrapolate with Jewish-descended secularists and the moshiach who in my opinion tend to be far from perceiving Kether. Their notion of eschatology also revolves closely around the Equality Form, however it differs in that they tend to secretly believe in an ongoing inequality between themselves and the goyim.

Then there are postmodern syntheses you can find in the wild, such as Bitcoin as the messiah that brings about Equality, or Bitcoin as the messiah that brings about the re-ordering of rangordnung, i.e. that supplants the Shylocracy. I do this act for CRISPR’d children’s birthday parties by the way, if you want to give me a call. No, the Shylocracy will have you burn in hell for that, won’t it. Better to be in purgatory than to be in hell, that’s your motto.

To put it charitably though, if you can ascend through the light without getting too blinded and crispy, rangordnung and equality both seem to exist up there. If you cannot concede to the existence of rangordnung there as well then you’re going to botch your equality project. “Yes, we do concede that, that’s why we worship the Chosen People!” I think you’ve been conned. Were they “chosen” to create a decadent society? Conned, bought, what’s the difference at the end of the day. What side of the double-gyre do you think they’re on? They’re incarnations of Qliphoth and both they and the goyim neurotically repeat to themselves “Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts”. Their downward spiral into depravity is a sort of reverse eschatology.

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