This is some cross-cultural dialogue I’d like to see

Ismā`īlism and Kabbalah have several idiosyncratic characteristics in common. For instance, both of them share as their esoteric doctrines the Neoplatonic emanation, the Gnostic Primordial Adam and the idea that letters played a formative role in the creation of the world. Among them the most remarkable is the doctrine of the world cycle or cyclical time.

Some scholars, Idel among them, have actually speculated that these Shi’ists influenced Kabbalah.

You can read about some of the similarities here.

For now I want to go right to the top, I want to know what the Ein Soph is

a concept of God as infinite dimension, where emanation is primarily understood as an infinite essence in expansion.

Badiou, are we going to need some math for this or what? All sorts of fun we can have with possible “syntheses”.

First we need to deconceal this “concealed God”

This essay is from someone who wrote a standalone book on the Ein Soph.

This is the Bearded Man in the Clouds we’re speaking of here. What is his nature? Is his beard the only thing we know about him? Does he have those side-curls too? I’m having too much fun with this. His presence would probably be so terrifying it’d cause your heart to stop beating, so it’s not really something to laugh about.

Here’s a different way of looking at it from the top-down models I usually post

God as center of the cosmos and his expansions into the different directions, called sefirot.

You might think of the Ein Soph as the Sun in the middle of the solar system. The planets farthest away with the least heat are lacking in soul spark.

You can think of this through the lens of the Parmenides too- the Ein Soph is the One and the sefirot are the many. And, contra Bloom, it’s not enough to say that Sufism is rooted in Judaism- both are rooted in Neoplatonism.

This isn’t only mystical or mathematical, it also has political implications

the One as the main notion to which infinity has been subordinate

I bet you never thought it’s possible to open yourself up to being designated a scapegoat by talking about math. Meddle with the above and see what happens.

The easy “gotcha” is that if One were the truth you wouldn’t need to scapegoat anyone, because (duh) they’re One with you. Team infinity represent.

Another interesting connection here

From Aleph emanate all letters.

1 = A = Ein Soph

Eating, fucking, and social status- 99% of monkey-thought revolves around that.

Bearded Man in the Clouds? He doesn’t exist in any way, shape, or form. There’s nothing mysterious about the universe you have to worry about. The salvation of your soul is NOT, I repeat, NOT, in question.

This is similar to the Sufi angelology from yesterday pertaining to corresponding nature of the “links” in the chain of being

the different degrees are also ascensional degrees for those who seek to connect to Eyn-sof. It is impossible for the worshiper to reach Eyn-sof directly

Another way to put it

every dimension is from a dimension that is above it

It’s easy to see from this why equalists would be distant from God.

There are ways of perceiving the truth of this that don’t necessarily lead to our current political order

Aleph is the first Sefirah (keter) that established everything as One in his primordial will

They all try to get the One without the Sephiroth, so to speak. There are levels that correspond, dimensions above other dimensions. Ideally anyway. That is erased from perception, that is the noble lie that we have.

Starting to under “angelology” yet? Given that Yahweh is in fact the Demiurge, our appointed “angels” unfortunately facilitate distance from the Ein Soph. Or to think of the Sun symbol again, they facilitate planets not being warm. Earth is “just right”. There’s a goldilocks zone for closeness to the Ein Soph as well, arguably. I don’t think the ones in charge help people live in that zone. Their citizens are dead planets far away from the Sun that cannot sustain life. This is because they have a chip on their shoulder about their history. Ironically, they proceed as if they believe “If we aren’t the chosen people then no one can be.”

Another day of explaining the political order, another day of knowing the Ein Soph so well that I remain concealed. Get it yet?

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