Don’t say this Bjerknes, you make me laugh

I am betting that the chain in no way ends with Ben David, and that he was copying a much older cryptic form of Judaism which winds its way back to Ur and back again and again to Mesopotamia and what is today Turkey. It is truly amazing how often the Jews follow a set pattern and repeat it again and again.

Ur! Does he write about this specifically somewhere? This is from a post of his which talks about how many of them through history have believed in reincarnation too, which makes the above idea even weirder.

We’re so done for

Americans–300 million “useful idiots” who have outlived their usefulness. Our future generations of children, if any there are, will suffer terrible birth defects… And what do we do about it? Just like the fictitious Egyptian of Jewish myth, we praise the Jews and give them more money and power as they screw us into the grave.

“Birth defects”–better not think of it that way!

Bjerknes suggests this book, I can barely contain my excitement

This is a great way to put it

We should do to the bankers what they have done to our Monarchies, for they are the aristocracy of the Jews.

Heh, anyway though, the book above was published privately by the author, I wonder why.

He begins it by talking about how all the books he’s studied on Mesopotamia offer only a profound silence on the matter of economy. And he says Quigley agrees with him about this. Do you know Quigley? I hope you know Quigley.

People truly want the worst for me for talking about this stuff. It threatens their cozy lifeworld. The gates of hell won’t be thrown open if the Yids are ousted- they’ve already been thrown open!

Should we call it the theological-political or the economic-theological-political?

placed such groups controlling silver exchanges above and beyond local law and the law of the local god

So many Christians today are just total demons, make no mistake about it. They are the devil’s servants. They merely use that as a way to bolster their Jewish servitude with Absolutism and transcendental principles- pretty sick. I dream of filling the Grand Canyon with all of their bodies, that’s where demons belong, and there are so many they’d probably spill over the edges. Weights! Mariana Trench! Now we’re thinking.

Have your castration-fantasies simmered down yet? Are you doing okay? We are only talking about an innocent subject here, I’m not sure why you have to adopt such primitive attitudes when certain ideas are discussed.

It’s a quietly boiling ape-rage of the various colors of nigger.

“The aristocracy that keeps my illusions in place!”

Can’t threaten them can we.

This is the way he describes “how it all began” – do you see yourself in this picture at all?

The instrument of this will was precious metal, whose supply was controlled by the leaders of these classes through their control of the slave trade, since mining was rarely profitable in the case of the precious metals, except with slave labour

After the preface he quotes Sumerian, this is gonna be good.

Looking for keywords on Bjerknes’ site–in this case, “Ur”–has not let me down. Never would’ve found this book without him probably.

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