Alexa, show me the perfect study

If you recall that favorite Goodson book of mine, his history of usury begins only in the Roman era. This goes back wayyyy before that, to approx 3268 BC.

There’s evidence that their trade network extended all the way to Europe. Sumerians invented sailboats after all. The wheel too. So it’s strange we never hear about them.

Weren’t you shocked to learn about the Radhanites and the silk road? That’s only from the years 500-1000 AD, that’s nothin. Let’s go back to the fourth millennium BC how bout.

Is this the proto-Yahweh?

Their temples were known as ziggurats

This writer speculates that certain people eventually bypassed the priests and the gods and began to use their own private credit.

I have a feeling he didn’t want to have to publish this independently

These are the oldest written records in human history he’s drawing from, there should be thousands of books on Sumer!

We all know Hammurabi and his Code. This writer shows how that was a revision of old Sumerian Code. This seems like another Byzantine Empire. We’re not really taught about Sumer.

Is this writer a little too “hinty”, you tell me

He mentions the Habiru! They’re also known as the Apiru.

conspiratorial groups who undoubtedly controlled precious metal bullion supplies, perhaps at this stage alliance between the priesthood of certain cities whose god was not getting fair acknowledgement, and those mysterious people, the Apiru, who, concerned with the carrying trade between the cities as is clear, seemingly belonged to no city, yet were to be found in them all, to set up a supra-national god as the fount of their secret power.

Remember my original post about them- the cut-throats of today prefer to go with the so-called history of their people contained in their scriptures, despite contradictory evidence. This isn’t menorahs, it’s a crime-family of killers and thieves. Are you happy they control your country?

One starts to reinterpret all their stories differently–Exodus, Babylonian Captivity, etc.–in light of the “dirty throat-cuts” as the word Habiru is translated. We’re dealing with something very dark here. Killers and thieves have rewritten history to deceive you about what they are. Those who flatter them even when knowing about all this are such great people, huh? You’re not a piece of dirt or anything, don’t worry about it. Niggerworld goes round and round, doesn’t it.

Do you know how much I’ve had to suffer in order to talk about these things? You couldn’t possibly imagine. Some of us are just built different I guess. Keep playing it safe you pussy. Make some pathetic excuses for yourself. You’re as cursed as they are at this point.

“I don’t want MY throat slit!” Okay, I’m glad you can admit what we’re dealing with. Nah, I don’t think you’re that worried about that. I think you’re one with them in a certain sense, as sad as it is to say.

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